Notes from an unpopular E3 awards judge

Variety editor Ben Fritz writes:

" I don't think I ever actually noted on here that I was one of the 36 videogame writers who voted for the "Best of E3" awards announced last week, but indeed I was.

Given that I have found my taste to be a bit eclectic compared to many game writers (Last year I championed "The Simpsons Game," didn't lavish superlatives on "Super Mario Galaxy," and didn't much enjoy "Mass Effect." Though I did love "Portal" and "Bioshock" and "Rock Band" -- I'm not all completely there), it's perhaps not surprising that very few of my votes were the games that won. In fact of the 11 categories in which I voted, I only picked two of the winners. Just by pure chance I should have done at least a little better. (Those two winners were "Spore" as best PC game and "Pure" as best racing game.)

That being said, I wasn't offended by most of the choices either. "Fallout 3," "LittleBigPlanet," "Dead Space" and "Left4Dead" are all really good games with the potential, based on the limited time I got to see them, to be fantastic.

The only winner I really disagreed with was "Mirror's Edge" for best original game.

I also couldn't bring myself to vote for "Gears of War 2" for Best Action Game not because it's bad in any way, but because it's so "Gears of War 1.5.""

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clintos593781d ago

Like we all know Gears 2 is bad a$$ but he does have a good point on Resistance 2 brining so MUCH more to the table on its sequal compared to gears 2. Both games will be great but if I had to say which game out of these 2 are, "Bigger, "Better and More Bad A$$" I would have to be honest and say Resistance 2. And all the proof in the world shows the reason why.

BiggDaddy3113781d ago

I have to admit I also agree that Mirror's Edge should not have gotten most original game. I mean PoP looks pretty damn good, and LBP should have won but it is understandable since we have seen over and over again. I saw alot of sites give most original to Flower or Fat Princess which are good choices as well. I don't know bc I didn't play any of these games but looking at Prince of Persia's demo I have to say that is a very original art style and fighting mechanic in my book.

marinelife93781d ago

I understood where he was coming from. I like this guy. Resistance 2 does take a bigger leap forward than Gears 2.

However I thoroughly enjoyed the first Fable and Fable 2 is one of the few games that makes me wish I had a 360. I can get a Halo or Gears like experience through COD4 or Uncharted. But Fable 2 looks to be rather unique.

titntin3781d ago

Whilst you may want to disagree with him on matters of personnel taste, its a good read and he makes some pretty valid points, many of which I agree with.

Especially his points on Fable 2, which is a title that a lot of people were excited for, but didn't get much coverage from E3. Like him, I was somewhat disappointed by the shortcomings of the original, but this time everything that concerned me looks like its been fixed, so this could well be my GOTY... I hope so anyway!

N2NOther3781d ago

I didn't agree with him about Mirror's Edge...In comparison to games like Flower (which I'm not entirely convinced about), it doesn't SEEM original, but neither did Portal when it was first discussed and considering it came after Prey, it really wasn't all that original...But to me, Mirror's Edge takes it's concept and runs with it and judging from everything I've seen, it looks like it will be a breath taking game.