Destiny Weapon Tuning – December Update

As part of the December Update, we’re about to change Destiny with another balance pass based on data collection from the wild, community feedback, and internal response to the 2.0 weapon changes. It is our hope that, with more frequent updates, the change log becomes less of an almanac and more of a newsletter. As always, thanks for sounding off and continuing to play with us!

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Neonridr1092d ago

jesus.. Everytime they make a new good weapon, they realize they make it too good, so then they go and screw up the entire class of gun.

LAWSON721091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

It is like a rotation, wonder whats next?

Glad I don't play this I love the Bad Juju just to much to see it go bad lol

Umbasa1091d ago

That sucks, i like Bad Ju-Ju in some cases but the Scout rifle SUROS DIS-47 Full auto is what i have been using and i love it!

Dee_Blessed1091d ago

They need to nerf shot guns

Jmanzare1091d ago

I've been using my 310 raid pulse rifle too bad it's getting nerfed :(