PS4 and Isis: Why mainstream media eagerly demonised video games in wake of the Paris attacks

Aside from loving a good scare story, be it about weather fronts, killer bees or a new strain of flu, why does the mainstream news media routinely produce such poor reporting when it comes to video games?

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stuna11095d ago

The way the media paints it, video games in general are always the culprit!

bouzebbal1094d ago

i thought it was religion. but yeah media in general is corrupted to the spine.
A sick person is sick, no matter the motive.

1094d ago
C-H-E-F1094d ago

So I take it we have video games during the Crusades, Slavery, Holocaust, Civil Wars, Revolutionary wars, World War I and II... need I continue??? Yup games are definitely the culprit here. LMAO... I love the ignorance in our media... NO BAD PEOPLE... WHO DO BAD THINGS... ARE RESPONSIBLE PERIOD.

Killa781094d ago

Meh... The media jumps on anything that might cause a panic.

tigertron1094d ago

I bet ISIS trained on GTA...

Hoffmann1094d ago

Just wait until you see the IS fighters that used Mortal Kombat X and Dead or Alive to achieve their hand to hand combat and finishing move techniques

contradictory1094d ago

aaahhh, will they boob jiggle us to death then?
actually that doesn't sound too bad... you know, apart from the dying part but what are you gonna do?

Salooh1094d ago

They eat food. Food must be banned or watch who eat it..

Heyxyz1094d ago

People fear what they don't understand. The media should become more educated.

equal_youth1094d ago

They will always go against consoles because it takes viewers away :/
They don't want Kids to play their own games, they just want them to watch their stupid programming.

KosherNostra1094d ago

There's over 130 people dead, and many more injured forever. In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter if Forbes misconstrued a comment by Belgium's Foreign Minister? Is anyone suggesting Sony is culpable of the heinous acts in France? Maybe instead of seeing this through the eyes of a gamer, and asking "how does this affect ME?", you take a step back and ask how humanity is capable of doing things like this to begin with.

BitbyDeath1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

'ask how humanity is capable of doing things like this to begin with'

Doesn't matter the religion, none accept gray areas, only black and white, right or wrong. ISIS are taking it a step further and enforcing it.

Religion is the strongest form of brain washing we have in this world, how could it not go wrong at some point?

johndoe112111094d ago

I often read comments like this from people that have zero understanding of religion other than what their limited knowledge of it allows them to think they understand. Anyway, you know what, this is a gaming forum not a religious debate forum.


The mainstream media has been demonizing gaming for years so they aren't going to stop anytime soon. I won't be surprised if the NSA uses this as an opportunity to try and force sony to work with them the way microsoft does.

Liqu1d1094d ago

Humanity has always killed, it's just what we do.

Jayszen1094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

Sorry, but you are trying to imply that just because some gamers here are commenting on the stupidity of the media, somehow thay care more about their games and are not concerned at what happened?

The point is that the incorrect facts were reported and video games were again being painted as something that encourages deviance. A comment by C-H-E-F above quite rightly states that video games did not exist during the Crusades, Slavery, the Holocaust, World Wars I and II so who did the media blame then? No one is responsible other than the perpatrators themselves and just because some of us defend games does not mean that we care any less about the pain, the loss and the hurt the families of those 128 people killed in Paris. We do not want something so evil be attributed to a hobby that many of us enjoy and which for some of us is a lifeline, diverting attention from our own pain or problems.

Humanity is capable of such an act and far worse I am sad to say. Slavery, was once carried out officially by the so called civilized nations of the world, all in the name of business. Growing Tobacco and Cotton was more important than the rights of Africans as human beings. Shipping records showed about 12 million slaves were forced to do the Atlantic crossing but the real figure was 7 or 8 times higher. Hitler blamed an entire religion for the woes of Germany and exterminated over 6 million Jews in about 4 years. This is humanity or the lack of.

If some people played games at home and with their families and their mates instead of joining evil causes, the world would be a far better place.

KosherNostra1094d ago

You're seeing it from way too close. The "media" didn't "blame" anyone. If they reported on a false corollary between the Minister's comments and the technology used to coordinate the attacks, then that's an error that should be resolved. Seeing it as who's to "blame" misses the point. There will always be conjecture, taking it personally when it's wrong is absolutely pointless.

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