Press Start: Fallout 4 is a gaming triumph

Despite some annoying glitches, "Fallout 4" is of this year's greatest video game experiences, columnist Jake Magee writes.

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i waited seven long years for this game,loving every second...happy it's here at last.

Eterna1Ice1098d ago

Didn't you play New Vegas?


i did,but it wasn't the same..i liked it but liked the setting for 3 better

Pintheshadows1098d ago

I love it when the physics go wrong. I watched a box tumbling end over end at high speed in a basement last night. Very entertaining.

Ocsta1098d ago

Every second is a blast. Im playing right now... typing this from the toilet :P

Chaosdreams1098d ago

Haven't picked up f4 yet. Can you still drink from toilets to quench le thirst?

SolidGear31098d ago

Alot of them are broken and have no visible water but some do so yes :3

cyber_daemonx1098d ago

Agreed. Game is awesome, just haven't had much chance to play it yet. Also got Divinity and Wasteland 2 on the go plus Bloodborne expansion next week.

Need more time.

SlightlyRetarted1098d ago

I'm having a weird experience with Fallout 4. First 30 hours was good, then i started to get really pissy about horrible dialogue wheel, bad copy/paste faction missions, overall poor quest desing and new leveling system (your SPECIAL's don't matter, you can have everything in the game pretty much). Then i dropped doing faction missions and started going forward with main quest line. Suddenly really good and fun quests started popping. Then i gave base crafting a chance and it's a ton of fun. Most of my money now is going towards buying shipments of wood and steel etc. Now i'm loving it as it is.
I like New Vegas more, but Fallout 4 is different kind of good.

SolidGear31098d ago

Yeah my only true irk so far is the quests for the minutemen settlements and brotherhood of steel constantly repeating. Should be more like Fallout 3 in that aspect where once you're done then you're done. I understand gathering certain items for caps but the whole settlement saving quests are bugging me.

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