Top 10 Wii U Games to Own (3 Years into its Lifecycle)

Glacier928: "Happy 3rd birthday to the Wii U! Today marks three years since Nintendo’s latest home console hit shelves, and while many claim the system hasn’t reached the success that was expected, it would be a lie to say that it doesn’t have some of the most stunning games available on the market to date. To celebrate three years of the console’s lifecycle, I’ve compiled my top 10 games that the console currently has at the moment."

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iplay1up21097d ago

I think WW HD should be on the list.

higgins781097d ago

Incredible game, seriously, I can't recommend WW enough, but choosing a top 10 WiiU games, I would prefer to pick 10 exclusive to ONLY the WiiU.

3-4-51096d ago

* Wind Waker HD
* Super Mario 3D World
* Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
* Mario Kart 8
* Smash Brothers
* Splatoon.

I think that was all the games I owned. I don't mind Wii U being a Nintendo console because those games are fun.

Honestly really only keeping the Wii U for Legend of Zelda though.

I'm already looking ahead to NX and have traded some of those games in for store credit towards it.

Nintendo made some really good solid quality games for the Wii U, but there isn't much else to play on it aside from some awesome eshop/VC games.

PlatinumGX1097d ago

Nice list, all great games.

higgins781097d ago

Great list, just proving when looking past the hacks and naysayers, the WiiU and Nintendo still provide the definitive videogame experience. I could do a top 20 easy with absolutely NO filler whatsoever.

gerbwmu1097d ago

I dont know about Fatal Frame being on the list but then again I dont really have something I would recommend more. Maybe ZombiU, WWHD, Xenoblade but I guess that isnt really out yet for the west. There are a lot of really good games for the Wii U though and Im glad I bought it when I did.

gerbwmu1096d ago

Thinking about it Lego City would be on my list. Game is amazing.

Savsky1097d ago

Take out Fatal Frame and put in Wind Waker HD.

benji1011096d ago

Wind waker is a remaster and I think the writer was correct to concentrate on games they loved that were made for the wii u.
I would add xenoblade x but that is because I have played it.

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