Star Wars: Battlefront Hands-On Preview (2-Player and Huge Multiplayer Modes) - PSLS

"First, I played co-op with another player. We were on the ground in Jakku. Ackbar (the “It’s a trap” guy) kept dropping pods, which we had to protect and secure against wave after wave of Stormtroopers. Fortunately for us in this survival mode, the Stormtroopers had their notoriously bad aim." -PSLS

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knifefight1169d ago

Hopefully EA manages a smooth launch....

bloop1169d ago

....and I'll eat my underpants .......

TheLeapist1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

As much as I desired (against the odds of course) a smooth launch before, I now desire it even greater. You must post a video if this happens.

bloop1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

If Battlefront has a smooth launch I shall provide video evidence of eating of underpants. I hope it does release in somewhat playable form (well, now I kinda don't) but I won't have the knife and fork on standby!!

Exoil1169d ago

@bloop: In case your comments magically disappears at launch :-)

HammadTheBeast1169d ago

I don't mind if the servers are broken on launch day or at most 2 days after launch. But more than a week is ridiculous since they know the demand.

venom061169d ago

Wow... So who are the EA haters/CoD fanboys who hit "disagree" for a smooth launch?? Bring on the Star Wars Battlefront fun....

corroios1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Sweet, we gonna have the biggest multiplayer battles this christmas on Star Wars: Battlefront!!!!

I want to bring down some AT-ATs!!!

MysticStrummer1168d ago

"we gonna have the biggest multiplayer battles this christmas on Star Wars: Battlefront!!!!"

I'm looking forward to the game, but no these battles will be nowhere close to the "biggest".

Harryseveruspotter1169d ago

EA manages a smooth launch.
And we will have the multiplayer battle....!!!!

NewAgeisHere1169d ago

I so want this not to be a fail, cause I love Star Wars universe.

MRMagoo1231169d ago

I have no interest in star wars at all I'm more of a star trek fan but I would give this a go for the scifi fun.

BludoDaSmelly1169d ago

Yea not sure about this one. We shall see in the demo.

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