PALGN: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Preview

PALGN writes: "Motorstorm was the kind of game that although good, felt a little rushed, as its lack of content and technical issues hurt it. It was a small vision of what could be achieved early on in the PlayStation 3's life, and was a chaotic ride on the gameplay side. With Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, Evolution Studios are back with more content and even grittier visuals, and we were lucky enough to test drive the upcoming title.

As most have already heard, Pacific Rift is now based in the jungle as opposed to the original desert setting, and we were given the opportunity to play-test two levels, one in dense forests with narrow tracks, and another in an open vista which heads onto a beach. Both tracks played similarly to many of the original game's offerings, only the control is more refined. Moving your vehicle around is now tight and easy, and with such breakneck speeds it's certainly a relief. Boost has the same rules as the original, where if you overuse it you'll end up exploding, so it's to be used wisely. It's made even deeper now though with the inclusion of water, where when you drive over shallow waters, your engine cools down, giving you more time to keep boosting and keeping you from being blown into pieces. It's a clever system (stolen straight from Nintendo's Excite Truck), and the placement of the water (which is usually in the form of a shallow creek or shoreline) never felt out of place."

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