Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Review [SnapThirty]

Kane Bugeja writes:

Hope versus despair. Despair versus hope. An ever present, ever shifting conflict that takes place beneath the surface of humanity. Undermining everything, determining how people view the world and those who reside within it. But is it as simple as all that? Of course not. People rarely stop and take the time to think about these driving forces because, in all honesty, it isn’t necessary in day to day life. Stopping and stalling to mull over the truths of the world each and every time you make a choice is woefully inefficient and probably not too good for mental health, existentially speaking. But what about those moments where deep thought rears its head and barrels towards shallower waters? When people are forced to bear all and witness themselves? What happens then? Of course, said situation may or may not also be compounded by a merciless army of mechanical miscreants, throwing yet another wrench into the proverbial, hypothetical machine…but we’ll deal with that if it happens.

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