Hacking is Damaging Mobile Gaming Drastically, How to Reduce It

SegmentNext - With everything electronic there is an inherent threat these days that someone somewhere will eventually crack it and use it illegally in one way or another. Hackers, for what they are worth, are the reason why some of the companies include some extra millions for security in their budgets.

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shadowraiserx1214d ago

Mobile is the cancer of this industry there's no need to save it.

hiredhelp1214d ago

Stop using that C word soo losely when has nothing to do with Games.
And no mobile has a place in the industry.

breakpad1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

let mobile game industry die for good all the bad things in gaming concentrated in a pile

mixelon1214d ago

Meh, they can happily coexist, and serve totally different needs.

DragoonsScaleLegends1214d ago

Pay To Win and In Game Transactions NEED to die and I don't know if that's possible without Mobile gaming dying which gave birth to such horrible ideas.

Jadenkorr0211214d ago

This whole article is about DRM for mobile. Fuck that!

Summons751214d ago

Eh, let's focus on hacking and pirating in the REAL game industry. Cell phone games can sink for all anyone cares.

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