Gamers Universe Preview: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Gamers Universe writes: "In spite of being widely considered the most popular comic book super hero around, Spider-Man has had a patchy videogame career to say the least. Decidedly average Mega Drive and SNES outings (although Maximum Carnage was pretty good), Neversoft's not-bad PS1 beat-'em-up and Treyarch's half decent run of movie tie-ins have failed to do the wall crawler the justice he deserves. Web of Shadows (WoS) aims to address the failings of these past games by isolating what makes Spider-Man such an enduring comic book hero, creating a game from scratch based upon these elements."

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Kratos Spartan3708d ago

Sounds awesome. Here's hoping they can pull it off.

SmokingMonkey3708d ago

it's not based of a movie, so it has a chance of being the great spidey game we always wanted....i keep saying that.