Galak-Z Is The Most Frustrating Space Shooter In The Entire Galaxy

Short Pause: "Galak-Z might be the most frustrating spaceship shooter I’ve ever played. It’s got terrible controls, tiny graphics, and the difficulty is so damned unforgiving. Galak-Z is what you’d get if Gradius 3 and Asteroids had a baby — if the baby had some complications."

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TheDude791194d ago

It's definitely a hard game that's for sure, and I can see how the control scheme would be off-putting to some. Personally I've enjoyed my experience so far, even though I'm still grinding my way through season 2, I'm learning from my mistakes and picking my battles wisely, and avoiding confrontation when possible.

generalwinter1194d ago

Funny article! I can feel your rage!

Chaosdreams1194d ago

This made me smile. When and if I pick this up, I'll know to expect a humorous anger filled experience.

TheDude791194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Oh definitely, it's one of those games where you're both super pissed yet laughing when you die. It's challenging but every time I've died, it's because I put myself in a bad position. It makes me want to try harder and get better at it. There are moments though when everything clicks and you're kicking ass, and that's when you start to see how fun it really is.

ChronoJoe1194d ago

You'll be more annoyed when you find out the game isn't finished yet, and season 5 leaves you with a 'coming soon' option on the title.

piccolo9301194d ago

It's interesting because while some have praised the controls in Galak-Z, there are others who have lamented its steep learning curve. Regardless, I'm still anxious to try this out. I'm hoping I'll be able to wrap my head around the control scheme.

tazmeah1194d ago

Seeing as you're a huge fan of Resogun, I'm very curious to see what your thoughts are regarding the control scheme. It's a vast departure from what you're familiar with.

piccolo9301194d ago

Yeah, Resogun is still one of my top ten PS4 games to this day. We'll see if I can rewire my brain to get ahold of Galak-Z's controls!

LoveSpuds1194d ago

It takes a few hours to bed in but the controls are really good once you are used to them. The strafe button in particular seemed odd at first but now it feels fantastic its like a dedicated circle strafe button.

Me_Bender1194d ago

I still haven't tried this game, but from the way he describes the controls it sounds like I might not like it.

Vyprstryke1194d ago

This one is slowly slipping into the black hole that is my backlog lol

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