Coming to PlayStation Plus in March: Broforce, Galak-Z, more

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This month saw the epic return of Vote to Play that gave power to you, the players, to choose the game you wanted to join the monthly games roster. You voted in your masses to support your bros in what could very well be called a MMBRO (massively multi-player bromance).

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ZaWarudo998d ago

Nothing for me. I still have Super Stardust HD when Sony gave it away after the 2011 hack.

Eonjay998d ago

I actually wanted both of these games but wanted Assault Android Cactus even more. Guess I got to buy it now. So for me its two games I don't have to pay for now. Thats my logic. I'm satisfied.

nyctophilia13998d ago

Yeah I wanted AAC. Definitely buying it regardless.

nX997d ago

Both Galak-Z and Broforce are solid titles that I considered purchasing but never really came to it. From my point of view March has a good PS+ lineup.

Hoffmann998d ago

Loved Skulls of the Shogun by the 17-BIT developer team, which was part of ps+ last year, bet Galak-Z is similar fun.

Dunno about Broforce but seems many people like it

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PiperMCFierceson998d ago

There is a huge sale on ps+; I believe there is no way of satisfying some. I.e. You.

IamTylerDurden1998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

Excited about Broforce.

Galak-Z is phenomenal, one of the best games of 2015, better than Skulls of the Shogun. It's a rogue-lite with real time ship and mech combat. It has a gorgeous Saturday morning cartoon/anime aesthetic with cutscenes and reactive dialogue. The combat is stellar, its has a beautiful hand drawn art style, and the difficulty is addictively challenging.

Super Stardust HD is a win

I'm glad to try Flame Over

I'll play Reality Fighters, as fighters are generally very enjoyable on the VITA.

I'm pleased with this month, Broforce, Galak-Z, and Super Stardust HD are all fantastic games. This can not be denied, even by the most shallow of AAA-heads.

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Neonridr998d ago

BroForce for sure, maybe Galak-Z.

Vita titles are seriously lacking this month though. Reality Fighters might just be one of the dumbest titles I have seen on that system. And Flame Over looks a little bland for my tastes.

PhucSeeker998d ago

Didn't they say something like "We only add games with 60+ score on metacritic to ps+ library" ? What happened ?

IamTylerDurden1998d ago

Why is Reality Fighters dumb? Bc it has AR? Isn't ms designing a headset around AR? This is an average fighting game with loads of character customization and a platinum trophy. It doesn't redefine the genre, it's not a tight master crafted experience the likes of SFV, but it's a fighter on VITA that you can probably have a few hrs of fun with.

Neonridr998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

average fighting game? I think that is a stretch Tyler.

While Metacritic is only a small sample of a game's true potential it still gives us a pretty good idea if the game is any good or not.

Games that are proven good like MGS V, TLOU, Mario Galaxy, Zelda, GTA etc all have pretty high Metacritic scores. That is no coincidence, they scored high because they are great games.

Reality Fighters clocks in at 54. That is barely passable. Now if you want to tell me that it's a good fighting game outside of the AR elements, I would love to hear why. Maybe even share a link to a review that said that the controls were tight or it was a solid fighting game.

There are a TON of better games they could have given us on Vita. DOA 5+, SF x Tekken (which may have already been a PS+ game), King of Fighters, Mortal Kombat, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, the list goes on.

And a headset that is built around the ideas of AR vs a fighting game that uses it are terrible comparisons. The world of AR stretches way beyond gaming, in fact gaming would represent a smaller component of what can be accomplished with Hololens. Medicine, Science, Construction, Home Decorating... all huge markets for Hololens to be applied to.

Blastoise998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

I honestly can't remember a worse month. Reality fighters on Vita? That terrible launch game that got critically panned? You spoil me Sony

itsjustexuma998d ago

It's called September 2014

admiralvic998d ago

If you think this...

September 2014 - 6 Games
Hoard - PS3 - 9/2/14
Joe Danger - Vita - 9/2/14
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - PS3/Vita - 9/2/14
Sportsfriends - PS4/PS3 - 9/2/14
TxK - Vita - 9/2/14
Velocity 2X - PS4/Vita - 9/2/14
PS4: 2 - PS3: 3 - PS1: 0 - Minis: 0 - PSP: 0 - Vita: 4

is worse than this month, then you're simply out of your mind.

RedDevils998d ago

It's seem there lesser games every month we usually have like 3 games now it down to two.

AG6686998d ago

What!? The was a good month... Velocity is a good fun game, PS all stars which was cross buy and another good game... Joe Danger another fun game.

IamTylerDurden1998d ago

Nah, you just have casual taste. Broforce and Galak-Z are phenomenal games, it's undeniable. Super Stardust HD is fantastic, Flame Over is a fun rogue-lite, and The Last Guy was well received by critics. Tbh, Reality Fighters is probably pretty fun to mess around with for a couple hrs on VITA.

I'm sure u panned Nom Nom Galaxy last month, but did you play it? Fun games come in all shapes, my friend.

ebounce88998d ago

Boring garbage not worth the time and energy I put into those f****** Nintendo games