Final Fantasy XIV could see release on NX

With the news of Square negotiating with Microsoft to bring FF XIV to Xbox One, apparently there is also news of a possibility of the game also releasing on Nintendo's new console code named "NX".

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FallenAngel19841224d ago

It'd have better success on Wii U since it already has a higher Japanese install base

1223d ago
3-4-51223d ago

I'm really excited about the NX.

The Wii U, while I like it a lot, just didn't give us what we were hoping for.

We need that 3rd party support, and getting it will 100% require that NX is AT LEAST as powerful as PS4.

* NX needs RPG's.

RPG's sell consoles/dedicated handhelds = FACT

iamtehpwn1223d ago

It would be the first time a Numbered Final Fantasy has appeared on a Nintendo platform since Final Fantasy 6....

phoenixwake1223d ago

The day that FF games were no longer released on Nintendo consoles was the day that Nintendo dropped the ball, IMHO. Their 3rd party support, ESPECIALLY of RPGs on the home console has never recovered over the following 20 years.

franwex1223d ago

15 would be cool too...If the NX can handle it that is!

RJ920091223d ago

Started to sound like the nx is close to ps4 and xbox one and I'm all for that!!

_-EDMIX-_1223d ago

Well....FFXIV is also on the PS3, take it being on NX with a grain of salt in terms of guessing its specs. We don't really know how FFXIV will even look like on NX.

Neonridr1223d ago

The Wii U is more comparable to the PS3, so that is sort of irrelevant. Of course the NX is going to be more powerful than the Wii U, so we have to assume that it is going to be closer to the PS4/XBO in terms of specs.. could even be higher for all we know.

_-EDMIX-_1223d ago

@Neo- it could also be a handheld that outs to a TV.

Handhelds that come out are generally much more powerful then the consoles during the gen the release from, ie PSP stronger then PS2, PS Vita near PS3's power, 3DS very much more powerful then Wii etc.

So It would not be shocking if the Handheld is much more powerful then the Wii U, but slightly lessor then the PS4 or XONE.

We just don't know enough about it to really state that it will more powerful then Wii U, it could if anything be on pair with it, we really don't know.

Wii was very much on pair with Gamecube.

Could be higher, could be lower...could be the same.

Many believe NX will be a handheld that outs to a TV based on X in Japan being used as the term "cross", if not that, it could be something hybrid, but I see it legit being a handheld if you factor that Wii U is sorta that hybrid, but you can't take it away from the console.

The only hybrid concept I can think of as of now is a handheld that outs to the TV, as a console that is a portable is still pretty much a handheld.

DrumBeat1223d ago

I really hope NX is near or above the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of power.

Nintendo can still be Nintendo, but please, make a console as powerful as your competition.

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