PS3 Native Dev Makes for Better Xbox 360 Games

Sony Computer Entertainment America's VP of product marketing, Scott Steinberg, has told that he believes that over time more and more developers will shift to the PlayStation 3 as their native development platform - and that Xbox 360 games will "look better as a result".

Steinberg explained how the ten-year plan for the company's flagship console had given the PS3 a strong foundation, and while it was the late arrival on the next-gen scene, developers were starting to see the potential.

"We see the development just now starting to get going," he said. "We're now in our third and fourth generations with first party, and that will start to create some distance with the competition - from our standpoint - but as the third parties begin to move their development to native PS3 and port down to other platforms, they'll start to see their games' fidelity getting better and better - and in fact I think even Xbox 360 games will start to look better as a result.

"As they realise that if you start on the PS3 other platforms look better, it starts to become a no-brainer," he added.

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shine13963668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I'm not saying anything.... F* it...I know he means overall but kind of funny that a lot of multiplatform games currently look better on a microscopic level according to the few mainstream website that actually compare graphics etc..

iceatcs3668d ago

it is because about 90% current game are 360 or PC leader development.

Bangladesh3668d ago

This guy is obviously insane. If anything using the ps3 as the lead platform on multi-plats would hurt the quality of 360 games. The ps3 can't even consistently reach the quality of 360 ports. Why he thinks 360 owners want or would settle for games that won't push the 360's hardware is beyond me.

MUNKYPOO3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

bangladesh what do you know? your not a developer, your just a silly little boy. devs from burnout paridise confirmed this. maybe your just afraid that if the ps3 was the lead platform the ps3 would start looking better than the 360

DiabloRising3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Bangladesh... just no. Drop the fanboyism for a minute. Look at Devil May Cry 4 and Burnout Paradise. Look at Mercenaries 2. Deved on the PS3 first, both versions turn out amazing. Gamers everywhere win. Want to know why the PS3 PORTS dont match the 360 originals? Because they are sloppily done, rushed to make a buck, and dont take into account the actual PS3 architecture or its complexity. You have no valid point at all, so do a little reading.

As for this interview, I respect him for not stooping to MS's level and just mudslinging the competition.

rushbd3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I'm a Bangladeshi, I live in Dhaka.. but i disagree with your comment. Unfortunately you dont know enough about the ps3 and 360 hardware to make the comment you just made. All the games dev who are working on PS3 as lead platform has openly said that working first on PS3 make a better 360 game than it'd be the other way around. The first people to say this was criterion .. the burnout developer. Then midway confirmed this. I can get into the reason behind it. I can get real technical about it. If you are really interested to know the technical reason, PM me.

Any doubt about PS3s capability should be vaporized after seeing GT5,MGS4 and Killzone 2. They are not only videos you know

Bangladesh3668d ago

I've read the Sony PR surrounding the ps3, and even bought into it and purchased a $600 launch ps3. Since then I have watched, read devs comments, and seen the results of the ps3. And it has lead me to things like this.

The ps3 is more video decoder than game machine. When you give that some thought, the issues/nature of the ps3 start to make alot of sense. There is nothing "fanboy" about believing what you see with your own eye's, actually "fanboy" would be the opposite of that.

DiabloRising3668d ago

I'm not saying the PS3 doesn't have issues. It had complex architecture. But instead of whining about it like Valve, many developers are getting amazing results out of it. DMC4 and Burnout are proof of that when multiplatform development is concerned, and the devs have gone on record to say that going PS3 to 360 is both easier and smarter than the reverse. And yes, my eyes as well as many many millions of others have noticed this trend.

I have to say though, if the Ps3 is just a video decoder, then Uncharted, UT3, Ratchet & Clank, and Killzone 2 are some AMAZING looking videos.

MUNKYPOO3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

bangladesh with all the hate you have for sony and the ps3 i really doubt you own one. next your going to tell us your not bias

DiabloRising3668d ago

I just think its funny. Both systems are amazing and give us amazing looking exclusives. We see proof in games like DMC and Burnout, and have plenty of developers saying the same, and people wanna STILL bash the PS3 or 360?

Guess what, it's okay to like BOTH Gears of War AND God of War, gasp!

Bangladesh3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I respect your opinion on the subject, but one has to wonder how much better the 360 version of those games would have been had they led on the 360.

And I agree, that Uncharted, MGS4, KZ2, and R&C are good looking games. But what was the dev cycle on each of those game? I know atleast 3 years on each one, maybe 4 on MGS4 and KZ2.

Now look what the 360 can do in 2 years.

I don't have to prove anything to you or anyone else on this site, especially someone with a name like MunkyPoo.

MUNKYPOO3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

yea gears2 was made in 2 years with an engine thats been around since the first one came out. please just stop

edit: you dont have to prove yourself to anyone. you just need to know what your talking about and not post nonsense.

and about my name i happen to like it very much

DiabloRising3668d ago

I dont see any of them being noticeably "better" had they lead on the 360. The 360 rocks with Epic made U3 engine based games. Otherwise, I have to say I'm not really impressed. Yes, there are AMAZING looking games on the 360, but nothing that the PS3 can't handle, had the games been developed on the PS3 with its architecture in mind. Halo 3, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Ratchet & Clank, GTA, all amazing looking titles by talented studios. Had the PS3 never had a game as good looking as MGS4, you may have had a valid point, but the whole "omg the ps3 is weak" argument died in 2007. Let it go, and just acknowledge that both systems are amazing.

Otherwise, I should bring up now how the 360 held back GTA with its lack of dedicated HDD, blah blah yadda yadda fanboy bullcrap. Round and round we go.

Bangladesh3668d ago

There was speculation surrounding both the ps3 and 360 in regards to the GTAIV delay.

SL1M DADDY3668d ago

You are the type of folks that phrases like "the proof is in the pudding" were started... Although, I can see that a phrase like that would fly over your head. Sorry, but your comments stink of fanboy and should be deleted. If you can say the things you say after games like MGS4, Ratchet and Clank, GT5:P, Uncharted and many more have been released then you sir are a silly and simple person in need of a vision test...

Both the 360 and the PS3 have great games out now and to rely on lazy third party devs to support a theory that the PS3 is not capable of games is just silly these days. You need to trust developers like Infinity Ward, Critiron, and Capcom if you want to see how cross platform games are made.

mistertwoturbo3668d ago

Actually R&C Future was done in less than two Years. And the game runs 1280x704 resolution at a locked 60 frames per second.

SL1M DADDY3668d ago

And the game is absolutely awesome as it is funny as heck and looks great. After they anounced Quest for Booty, I loaded up Tools of Destruction again and my kids went nuts. They loved it the first time I went through it and I am now enjoying my second time through. it is one of the best games out this gen so far.

Lord Anubis3667d ago

i don't think you people understood what the guy meant. The games would benefit from the PS3 techniques and look better than they already are not exactly look better than the PS3 version.

Meresin3667d ago

"Why he thinks 360 owners want or would settle for games that won't push the 360's hardware is beyond me."

Here's a secret...He really doesn't give a damn about what 360 owners want. He works for the competition. :P

BaSeBaLlKiD7213667d ago

hey, if you are referring the gears of war 2 trailer to your statement("Now look what the 360 can do in 2 years.") i dont see a difference with that trailer with the first original gears of war... most likely they took the 1st game and rewrote the codes instead of starting from scratch like MGS4, uncharted, etc.

i also played gears of war on my 360 for about a hour then i went back to the dashboard and saw gears 2 E3 demo so i downloaded it. i was so amazed how there is no difference at all compared to what i just played. everything was the exact the same- graphics, HUD, etc... looks just like gears 1 with new boss battles

dantesparda3667d ago

If the Cell Processor is just a video streaming processor and it can pretty much match and possibly even surpass what the 360 and its processor can do, then what does that tell you (or say) about the 360 and its processor?

Time_Is_On_My_Side3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

There are many games that have took three years to make on the XBOX 360 like Halo 3. Too Human has been in development for nine years and three years as of this year on XBOX 360 hardware. Insomniac as pulled of two major titles in one year Resistance: Fall of Man (made before hardware got to them) and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

Fable 2, Alan Wake (multiplat), or Halo Wars when announced during Microsoft's X06 media briefing on September 27, 2006. People like you don't even realize what you're saying.

With the article itself I think there might be some truth to this if you look at the whole picture. The best of the XBOX 360 are mutliplatforms Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare even with graphics. Just look at Resident Evil 5 to Halo 3 even Mass Effect now is multiplatform. If you look at the PlayStation 3 they have exclusives beating multiplats in every direction. Motor Storm 2: Pacific Rift compared to Pure, the PlayStation 3 has better graphics / game altogether.

I'm just looking at the whole picture instead of just making silly comments about development times. With that it's more on the ambition of the game that will require more time; a perfect example would be Spore. Spore would not deliver on its promises within two years of development. With the PlayStation 3 having split RAM (Random Access Memory) and the XBOX 360 having shared RAM it makes sense in the memory point of view.

P.S. Haven't fully read article yet just scanned.

Kaneda3667d ago

If you actually do some reading on wiki.. so you don't sound like idiots! They wouldn't put Cel Processor on a supercomputer if it is video streaming purpose!

Siqness3667d ago

bangladesh is ryt in some areas...there are games on the xbox 360 tht are just not capable on the ps3...and for those of you who know the technical sure u already know tht the specs of the ps3 are just theoretical and when comes down to physical perfomance, the 360 is superior except disc storage...and hes ryt about the ps3 not being specifically designed to be a gaming machine....ken kutaragi himself said its not a gaming more of a supercomputer.....its actually harder and more expensive to make games on the ps3 so y should devs switch to ps3...and the 360 will be capable of running any ps3 game. but not everyone 360 game can run a ps3 game excpet mgs4 because its too big for a dvd has nothing to do with its hardware on games like ps3 will reach a limit because the cell is bottlenecked...and the cell only has 256mb of memory..the 360 has 5 times the memory bandwith...hideo kojima said he was dissapointed with the graphics of mgs4..saying it was not made to his original vision because of the cpu....which they pushed to the limit while making games the 360 has the ptential to have better looking games in the much for the untapped power of the ps3

trikster403667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Lol. That is all.

1. Spell correctly please.
2. Name one 360 game the PS3 can not do.
3. I say again, Lol.

Edit: Please do not bring up the misinterpreted Kojima interview. How they translated it is not how he said it. Go read all the corrections made after that interview.

Also, funnyyour avatar is Ghostbusters, because the Ghostbuster devs said if they didn't have to do a 360 version, the game would have had 1000's not 100s of objects on screen and the game would have been better.

Electricear3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Multithreading. By starting on the ps3 the developers have to ensure their games are multithreaded from the start, and seeing as the 360 has 3 cores to work with it ultimately benefits the 360 games as well. A multithreaded application opens up more potential processing power, thus by starting on the PS3 it forces the devs to make better code from the get go. Everybody wins!

harv0523667d ago

@ Siqness

WTF are you rambling about?!?!?!?

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power of Green 3668d ago

No actually games with PS3 in mind look worse than games with 360 in mind when talking about multi platform games.

Catering to the lowest common denominator will allow PS3 games to run like next-gen games but they're generally visually inferior gimped by default when games are talored for PS3 hardware.

Kleptic3668d ago

you are simply an idiot...there is no other explanation...

Burnout Paradise is one of the best looking titles on the 360...period...and it started on the PS3...oddly enough the PS3 version was also slightly superior, but it holds to what this guy was pointing out...while its also one of the better looking games on the PS3, Motorstorm and GT5P easily hold the baton for best looking racing games currently...

exclusive games on the PS3 look without question better than ANYTHING on the 360...there is absolutely nothing that even comes close to MGS4 on the 360...

many other devs have confirmed what this guy just said...stop acting like the 360 is this ridiculously powerful runs UE3 well...that is it...

theKiller3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

true, but since when the bots dad brain?? only the bots and money whores r sticking with 360 now!!

when u see graphics like uncharted, MGS4, resistance 2, killzone 2 etc the 360 games looks like last gen with a little upgrades

Gam713668d ago

time to act like a droid.

How did this get approved?
Thats just his opinion,
N4G has really gone down if these are the stories we're getting now.


Oh so this is ok fails?

I thought so.I'm all for getting the best out of BOTH machines (note to droids views there) but if the ps3 is lead then what about delays? £ony pr guys, majority of work being spent on overcoming the ps3 architecture.

There shouldn't be ports but individual tewams for each machine.

Oh and droids should take their "their picking on me mum" attitude to You'll be right at home there.

Bangladesh3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

The ps3 only has 2 games even remotely close to the graphics quality of the video below, and that's MGS4 and KZ2. And this game took 2 years to build not 4 like the two that I listed.

And make sure to watch it all, and let it sink in.

Gam713668d ago

I have thought what games on the 360 would be like if they had the same 4 yr development cycle that certain ps3 games have?

If ff13 gets released close to the time it takes to translate the ps3 version and it matches up almost to perfectly then we'd have our answer.

juuken3668d ago

...Why are you so stupid?

Gam713668d ago

Really juuken,

that is pot and kettle

juuken3668d ago

Really Gam...don't start.
What are you, his boyfriend or something?

theKiller3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

bots dad brain = bots had brain

i dont want to be offensive to the non bots here

and @Bangladesh

ur video is not working with me, might just give me the direct link or say which game!!

uncharted didnt take 4 years and it raped any game on 360 til now!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

The video 'Bangladesh' was showing was the 1st 'Gears of War 2' video
(the one where he is on that erm moving thing)
I didn't comment because i have been Laughing so HARD!!! When i saw that Video and what he wrote!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D
The gameplay looks ok(i might get it for my P.C next year i.e the Better version!!!) ;-D
But the Graphics??? ;-D Er no it looks like a blurry N64 game!!! ;-D
So blind the xBot Lemmings are it's unbelievable!!! ;-D

They Should Have Gone To Specsavers??? ;-D

Gam713667d ago

Wow juuken

it amazes me how everytime you open your moth you prove what an idiot you are.

Along with sir ken kun..wahtever

juuken3667d ago

...Gam...I'm an idiot?
Really now, don't speak of yourself that way.

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3668d ago
power of Green 3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

PS3 will make other platform games look better, platforms like the "PC" and the *360* despite them being more capable platforms lol.

PS3 is so powerful it's always last in the technical performance tests.

Once PS3 leads, the PS3 will make PC games look better and after that the 360 with it's simular architecture and more PC-like capabilities in comparison to PS3.

The only thing changing or will change is the fact the devs know they can't sell PS3 games unless they make them even with the 360 at any cost.
This is the first time in history devs are holding back games to sell them to the fanboys. In the old days devs use to make different products for each console depending on there strenths.

Dan Houser delayed GTA4 becuase of PS3, taloring GTA4 to PS3's hardware(yes GTA4's vibrance is ungly as sh*t and PS3 looking too).
He also said it was better on PS3 when it was not because devs fear PS3 fanboys I doubt they're going to gimp games to PS3's hardware capabiltites though, not ever on any large scale.

Kleptic3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

'technical performance tests'...what does that even mean?...'technically' the PS3 trashes the 360...'realistically' all that processing power has yet to really been shown off...the 360 never beat the PS3 in ANY 'technical' tests...because that is a made up phrase that you just invented...

if you are talking about benchmarks, which I am pretty sure you weren't...doesn't matter...the RSX has never been benched on its own, so everything was based off the G70...there were major revisions to the RSX according to some accounts, yet the G70 performed similarly to the ATi card in the 360 anyway...both had advantages...both had disadvantages...most articles comparing the two clearly point towards speculation on the part of the RSX being the only thing to comment is still locked out of linux on the PS3, and until then, real tests of the PS3 GPU bandwidth cannot be properly performed...

and don't even bring up the CPU's...we all know how that one ends up...

and Houser?...Why do you ignore that he commented on two things creating a delay for GTAIV...the HDD'less 360 was a 'huge hurdle for us'...remember that? 360 fanatics simply ommit it everytime you bring that up...but whatever...doesn't matter anymore...PS3 version looked superior as confirmed by nearly every major can argue about the resolution all you want...the PS3 version, while less resolution, had superior color saturation, framerate, and draw I know, but you'll live're still around...

that is 5 points I just kicked your ass with...please let me know if you would like more...

Rekyyli3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

" ...PS3 version looked superior as confirmed by nearly every major can argue about the resolution all you want...the PS3 version, while less resolution, had superior color saturation, framerate, and draw I know, but you'll live're still around.."

What a sh1tload of crap. Talk a about fanboi. lol.

pwnsause3668d ago

POG is talking by himself again LOL

KBDuB3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

There is nothing wrong with that. =D

At least he is keepin to himself and not talking to everyone else.. Ha.

slave2Dcontroller3668d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing.