Scalebound Isn't The Game You Think It Is

A love of video games has flowed through Hideki Kamiya’s veins since he was young, but it wasn’t until he purchased his first PC during his high school years that his mind was fully opened to their potential. His new machine took him on journeys beyond the simple inputs of the mid-’80s arcades and introduced him to a myriad of mythical creatures that would quickly become a life-long obsession.

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christocolus1020d ago

This game will be amazing. so much info in this article. If thurban dies drew dies. wow.

"“Scalebound is Platinum’s first action RPG,” says Scalebound’s Creative Producer Jean Paul Pierre Kellams, “so we’re making a game that brings all of our core competencies in action gameplay to the RPG genre and placing it in a very large non-linear world.”

KionicWarlord2221020d ago

Hell yeah. Gotta have some huge spaces to fire blast those monsters.

"The scope of customisation Platinum is promising here is impressive. We saw a lighter Thuban with tiger-striped scales, and a heavier one, decked out from head to tail in armour. “There are a lot of customisation options that we’re planning for your dragon,” says Scalebound’s game designer Yusuke Miyata. ”It’s not just the armour, it’s broken down into several different parts of the dragon. The parts themselves have a transformation quality, and on top of that you can pick and choose the armour you can slot into these parts.”"

I need this...this games gonna be hot.

LCEvans1020d ago

same man, this game is gunna keep me in on the weekend for sure! its about time too!

Magicite1020d ago

Lets hope it sells more than Bayonetta 2.

christocolus1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

Don't worry about that. The game is still over a year away from release so sales shouldn't even be an issue now, should it? There's so much in the article to read and discuss and sales isn't one of them.

ABizzel11020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

"we’re making a game that brings all of our core competencies in action gameplay to the RPG genre"

Sounds exactly like I thought it was from the gameplay reveal. DMC Monster Hunter Edition with co-op. I'm not complaining thought, love DMC, MH is okay, but co-op makes everything fun.

freshslicepizza1020d ago

i have to be honest, i didn't like what i saw. it looked cheezy and rough. i know it's still early in development but nothing really grabbed my attention.

Bigpappy1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

I commented in another thread, that the combat seemed too simplistic. I did not know this was an RPG, and assumed it was an action game. Now that I have read this, I have a totally different appreciation for the Demo as you can't really demo an open RPG in a few minutes.

I am not locked-in, intrigued and playing full attention.

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nossred1020d ago

Cant wait for this game together Quantum Brak e Recore , Crackdown, Sea of the Thieves, so much games.

spicelicka1020d ago

Don't forget Gears 4 and halo wars 2!

remixx1161020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

What about phantom dust and forza horizon 3.....come on we know its coming.

OpieWinston1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

I love the amount of work they're putting into Thuban.

This game is so Epic and every thing that I wanted from watching the CG trailer last year. So glad this is IGN First for August... Give me enough details for me to be 100% sold for the next year.

"There’s a lot of player management and dragon management that you have to do.”
First Platinum Action RPG and it's amazing... If Scalebound has trouble selling well then I don't know how the world will see Platinums talent....

maybelovehate1020d ago

Still not sold on Drew but I cannot wait to meet Thuban!

Rookie_Monster1020d ago (Edited 1020d ago )

The 8 min long IGN first video show some amazing depth with some RPG element while the battle and don't take it too serious attitude that are trademarked Platinum are still there. Looking forward to this game.

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