Check Out the Fallout 4 PS4 Theme You Can Get by Pre-Ordering on the PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store pre-order for Fallout 4 comes with a Fallout 4 Garage Theme for your PS4, and if you want to see what it it looks like, here it is.

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solidmic1022d ago

Sick of this pre-order, exclusive to, coming first to, bonus this, bonus that, fanboy wars (underline "boy"), broken games that require #%?" 8 patches within 1 month of release, over promising and under delivering, downgrading graphics, shitty framerates, paid dlc, season passes, delays, delays and more delays, annoucing games way too early, games like Godzilla or Amazing Spiderman 2 with a 70$ price tag and gamers getting screwed left and right and actually defending the devs and publishers SHIT!!!

How publishers and devs look themselfs in the mirror, boggles my mind! How gamers tolerate this shit, is just infuriating! What has happened to the gaming industry!?! Gamers/consumers have so much power when they work together ( just look at the Xbox One lauch). And yet they constantly keep bending over for these un-ethical, underhanded, sleazy, lazy and let's not forget, GREEDY, multi- million (when not billion) corporations. !?"'#%! sad and pathetic!

MeteorPanda1022d ago

well then just don't buy from EA?

Antifan1022d ago

Reason why Sony won't allow custom wallpapers, for this pre-order exclusive theme bs.

Lighter91022d ago

Sony fans are actually getting a digital release. Amazing.

MilkMan1022d ago

This theme as well as MOST of the free themes when you pre-order are pure, unadulterated, [email protected]@.

With the exception of The Order (dynamic) and King's Quest (static) and these are helped tremendously because of the accompanying musical pieces. So far they can keep all those "free" themes, there not worth sh*t.

These themes have become the wild west area of PSN store, anything goes, they have like ZERO Q/A people overlooking this area of things.

GameSpawn1022d ago

The Destiny theme has nice music too. At least we have themes. At launch we had nothing.

Personally I'm not the type of person who goes out of their way to see and get every theme. I just get what is free (either from the get go or comes as an extra with pre-orders and such).

If there are people pre-ordering JUST to get a theme, I don't think the problem is with Sony/Bethesda. The problem is with the person doing the pre-order. These types of things are meant to be a bonus (or thanks) for people already INTENDING to pre-order the game not incentive to pre-order in the first place.

Incentive for a pre-order in the first place would be game changing exclusive content like an exclusive pack of quests in Fallout 4's case. However this is something completely cosmetic and disconnected from the game and does not serve incentive enough to pre-order over another preferred platform or medium.

Lighter91022d ago

Well, us Sony fans didn't get a Skyrim or Oblivion digital release. I'm pretty sure we didn't get Fallout3 or NV digital release either.