Check out Rocket League's first free map

After much pestering from fans (in a good way) Psyonix Studios have revealed what the very first free map looks like for their extremely popular 'car-soccer' title Rocket League.

The map, which according to Psyonix will be making its way to Rocket League in a few weeks, goes by the name of Utopia Coliseum.

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Simco8761235d ago

Pretty sweet looking. Glad they are keeping maps free to not split the community. Such a good decision.

MasterCornholio1235d ago

Free maps?

That's nice of them.


crazychris41241235d ago

Yup all future maps will be free. More cars are coming which you would have to pay for. This is DLC done right. No season pass, 1000 pieces of self on day, or microtransactions.

crazychris41241235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

Should say 1000 pieces of DLC instead of self. Autocorrect strikes again, I ducking hate it.

madforaday1235d ago

Every map is pretty much the same idea besides the aesthetics. I guess the cars are pretty much the same as well. Technically, I would buy pretty much anything for this game just to support developers. I never been this addicted to a game in a very long time!

NeonEnigma1235d ago

I want to see the sly cooper van in future dlc!

nowitzki20041235d ago

Looks nice.... Ok Back to Rocket League now.

NSANiTY1235d ago

Thought that looked like one of the maps from the first game. Article confirms it. Great stuff. Used to play that map on the first game a good amount.

scark921235d ago

It would be cool if they released the previous maps as free DLC, and new ones could be purchased if one wanted.

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