7 Video Game Hard Modes You Probably Didn't Beat

MWEB GameZone writes: "Seven game modes you probably didn't beat because because you have to be stupidly masochistic to play it.

Have you completed any game on its most difficult level, no not hard mode, beyond that. Have you completed any of the seven game modes listed?"

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Sillicur978d ago

Nightmare mode, oh i loved the challenge, felt so good!

DK2L978d ago

Not gonna lie, I'm an easy-to-intermediate kinda guy. Everything else seems like too much of a commitment.

ZombieDreddZA978d ago

Nightmare mode in Doom... memories...

Baka-akaB978d ago

uh ? Before the definitive edition came along , DmC was one of the easiest of the serie ...

KentBlake978d ago

FUBAR in Spec Ops: The Line was pretty tough.

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