Mirror's Edge Catalyst features easier combat and an open world

Catalyst feels almost exactly like the Mirror’s Edge of 2008 in all the right ways. The platforming feels identical minus a couple of button press changes that only super hardcore players will notice, and my same muscle memory and sense of timing served me well during my hands-on at E3. For those worried that Catalyst might lose the very specific essence of the original, this doesn’t feel like a reboot—it feels like a true sequel.

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DualWielding1110d ago

I would love to play this game if it was only third person instead of first person

DaylightChris1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I dont because what most people loved about Mirror´s Edge (at least what I loved) is the fact that you play this in first person and that it works very good.

DualWielding1109d ago

I respect that, I'm just saying that personally, I hate first person games because they give me motion sickness so as much as I like Mirror's Edge concept I won't play it because it is first person

diesoft1109d ago

I think giving a player choice wouldn't have been a bad idea. For people like DuelWielding, it would've meant you can play the game. For players like me who had zero problem with it being in first person, it was a BLAST and I always wanted to play the first one in a more open setting. I love the atmosphere, the acrobatics, the music, aesthetics, you name it. SUCH a great game. Can't wait for this.

aquaticDonut1110d ago

All I needed to hear was open world and I am totally sold on this.

DaReapa1110d ago

Easier combat? Worst fears confirmed.

tigertron1109d ago

The more I read, the more hyped I become. I really love this franchise, so I hope we can play a demo sometime.