The Shenmue 3 Kickstarter appears to have stalled. Time to announce other platforms?

Funding for Shenmue 3 on Kickstarter got off to a record-breaking start, soaring past its $2 million target. However, interest appears to have stalled, with only $31,074 pledged yesterday.

Ys Net boss and Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki has said he wants $10 million if his dream of a true open world Shenmue is to be realised. At the current rate only a further $700,000 would be raised, leaving the project on $4.3 million.

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Rimeskeem1271d ago

Or it could be Sony reaching a deal and funding the project to make it exclusive. Just throwing out the idea.

ratrace1271d ago

id throw that idea out too

Nirvana315911271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Oh man this article is a whole another level of port begging. Why the hell would they release a game on xbox where every Japanese game to date has flopped?

Maybe if Ryo had a gun.....

Loktai1271d ago


I laughed... so true.

Insomnia_841271d ago

^"Maybe if Ryo had a gun"^


1271d ago
TheRedButterfly1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


"Why the hell would they release a game on xbox"

Hmmm...... Maybe because the game has only ever had a place on Dreamcast and on Xbox? The fact that Sony is swooping in there to fund a franchise they ignored for the past 14 years is quite strange indeed. In fact, if there's anyone that SHOULD get the game, it'd be Xbox.

But hey, it's a Japanese game, so screw Xbox fans... Same with Resident Evil. Same with Sonic. Same with Final Fantasy. Same with Lost Odyssey. Same with Blue Dragon. Same with Dead Or Alive. Same with Ninja Gaiden. Same with Dark Souls. Same with all those games.

Oh wait.

The Japanese games that don't sell well on Xbox platforms (were they on there in the first place) are the Hyperneptunia(s) and the Naruto(s) and the Bleach(es) and the One Piece(s) of gaming. Y'know, the BEST types of games to ever come out of Japan... /s

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TedCruzsTaint1271d ago

And what would that possibly have to do with a crowd-funding project slowing down?
The thing is still up. Anyone interested in it can still pledge.

UltraNova1271d ago

All these conspiracy theories that exploded all over the internet the past few days about Sony's 'shady' involvement surely had to avert a lot of people from pledging.

Personally I hope Sony funds the game, its the only way Suzuki can have as much money and creative freedom as he wants to make Shemnue 3 the game all fans crave.

DarkSniper1271d ago Show
MysticStrummer1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

"All these conspiracy theories that exploded all over the internet the past few days about Sony's 'shady' involvement surely had to avert a lot of people from pledging."

Bingo. If it has stalled or slowed down, that is undoubtedly a factor.

n4rc1271d ago Show
DarkSniper1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


Your comment was a hate filled, personal attack at Dark Sniper. Please take some time to review N4G forum rules and guidelines in the comments tab.

-Offensive language, name calling and personal attacks on other members

Lets keep this discussion on topic about Shenmue III and its exclusivity to the PlayStation 4 Home Enterainment Terminal.

Enjoy a disagree and -1 bubble for your troubles.


Thatguy-3101271d ago

Exactly!! The funding was going to stop at some point. People are just so hurt that Sony is going to pick it up. This will stay a ps4/pc exclusive get over it.

star_lancer1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

@Dark Sniper

It was the Dreamcast & Xbox audience that made Shenmue popular - so popular that PS4 fans are now dying to get in on the game. If Xbox fans are not intelligent, why are PS fans trying so hard to be like them?

Your comment was a hate filled personal attack against an entire group of gamers, and was rightfully marked.

n4rc1271d ago


Don't want to be called arrogant? Don't make arrogant comments and refer to yourself in the 3rd person to boot..

Jackass.. Mark me again.. Worth it.. Lol

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GameForever1271d ago

It has another 21 days to raise money.

Ratty1271d ago

And it already reached its goal so no problem really.

Sly-Lupin1270d ago

And even if it didn't reach the goal, who cares? Sony is funding the game for way, way, way more than the Kickstarter would ever raise.

cfc781271d ago

Not likely to happen unless Yu Suzuki changes his demands on Shenmue 3 and in an earlyer article it was said Sony/other companys held talks and none could reach an agreement so unless things change its down to kick starter alone at this point.(hopefully he reaches his goal)

harrisk9541271d ago

Sony is partially funding it, as previously confirmed....

And how is it "stalled" when it has 45,046 backers and has raised $3,599,372 so far with 21 days to go??

Talk about a clickbait article!

callahan091271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

It's almost as if the writer has never seen a KS campaign before. This is how they always go. The first days are huge, then the 20 or so days in the middle are the "doldrums" and raise very little money because those who like to pledge early have already pledged and those who like to pledge late won't pledge until the end. Then the last couple of days (the very last day especially) usually do as much or more money as the first few days. Quite a few KS's I've backed have more than doubled the first 25-ish days total in the last 2 days.

jerethdagryphon1271d ago

Yea pledged for a boradgame it was at 50k with 2 days to go i pledged and during the last 2 days 600 newbacked added 20k to the total so a game that wanted 8k got 70 and had a craptop of strechgoals added even at the last minites so alsmost 30percent jump in 2. Days

Magicite1271d ago

Maybe it won't be AAA title, but its still gonna be Shenmue 3 made by Yu Suzuki and that's all that matters.

wsoutlaw871271d ago

Every kickstarter has the same trend, but hey, lets over react and write an article. In its last couple of days it will raise a ton.

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nyobzoo1271d ago

Every Kickstarter project does this. It get's most of the funding from the beginning and towards the end of the campaign.

Neonridr1271d ago

yes but money is stalled completely at this point. They only got $7,500 yesterday.

Take a game like Bloodstained. The lowest day it ever had was $32,000 and that game went on to do 5.5 million

Griever1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

But isnt Sony funding it according to you guys so money stalling does not matters, right? Can you guys please make up your mind? Is this a genuine kickstarter that needs people's support or is it funded by Sony anyway? When the kickstarter gets money from people, we get articles that they are being deceived and the game is being funded by Sony. When kickstarter slows down, we get articles that they should announce other platforms to attract more backers. If Sony is funding it then why would other platforms be announced? It seems to me that everyone is out to just hate this game no matter what happens. They are not satisfied either way! If people back the kickstarter; it is a problem and if they do not; it is a problem still.

You people are killing this game!! You do not care about the game! You did not play the first and second games when they were launched! You do not care for the completion of the story! Most of you were little kids in elementary schools back in 1999! Yet here we have every Xbox fan concern trolling!

Neonridr1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

@Griever - I have no clue if Sony is putting up the rest of the money. I could care less, I don't even want to play this game.. :P

Shenmue does not interest me to the least.

I own a PS4, not an XB1 by the way.

IIFloodyII1271d ago

They got $31,074 yesterday.

Neonridr1271d ago

@llFloodyll - you are right, lol. When I read the kicktraq data I was reading todays numbers.. lol

my bad. Well that is much better then right? ;)

Griever1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

So you just got caught with spreading false numbers and also admit to having no interest in this game. So WTH are you doing here spreading negative information!? I cant think of any PS4 owner who would try to sabotage this game in this way so it is hard to believe you have one. If all of that isnt trolling then I do not know what is. Please just leave this game alone and let others enjoy it. Go play whatever you like.

Neonridr1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

I wasn't spreading false numbers.. just a day off, relax Griever. I am happy for the people who really want this game. I merely said that I am not interested in it. Doesn't mean that I can't comment on this article, especially when I see people who are coming up with these ridiculous theories that people are secretly sabotaging the kickstarter. News flash, if the game is successful and people want it, the kickstarter will reflect that. If it is slowing down dramatically, that is because interest is waning, not because people are saying bad things about the game.

wsoutlaw871271d ago

You made a whole lot of comments for not caring.

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Killustrious1271d ago

To be honest, I'm just tired of seeing articles about the kickstarter or people on this site commenting about how "shady" it all seems... who cares?? We're getting Shenmue 3, if you were a fan of the first two games in the series you're just happy that this game is actually even happening.

Can we just like... stop talking about this kickstarter until it's actually done or something? This is getting a bit old and ridiculous the amount of articles on it everyday on this site.

TedCruzsTaint1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

"To be honest, I'm just tired of seeing articles about the kickstarter or people on this site commenting about how "shady" it all seems... who cares?? We're getting Shenmue 3"

They are taking advantage of a system, and setting a precedent in doing so.
This is a crowd funding system, mainly used for smaller projects to acquire the funding needed to get up off the ground.
It was a means to create something when all other avenues failed, or at least compromised the integrity of the project.

I am not okay with it being used by big business in gauging just where they should invest their money.

Some may agree. Some may disagree. At the end of the day, I don't quite care. At the end of the day this is nothing more than a big corporation abusing a system in place for the smaller guy. To say I find that disagreeable is an understatement. I don't care who the company in question is; it's all the same to me.

Sniperwithacause1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

You say that it has mainly been used for smaller developers to fund their games? That's what it still is doing with this case. No rules saying that how Sony decided to handle this was in any way law breaking. If the rich want to use this type of way to fund projects so be it. Blame the fools who contribute not the ones asking for the money.

The funding site is for anyone who cares to use it. Not just for indies or small time companies.

TedCruzsTaint1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


If you honestly believe that, with the game being presented at the Sony conference itself, then so be it.
Sony is handling the bulk, if not all of the marketing. And that's if you believe they won't also have a hand in development, everything said and done. They did make a point to acquire console exclusivity with this one. The marketing, if nothing else, and is true with any high profile case, is going to come in more than the development in the first place. This is a Sony game. I don't care how you choose to look at it.

And I am entirely blaming the fools who are funding it, trust me. That's the point of my being as vocal on the issue as I am.
Though I would less call them fools, more just blame them for contributing to the abuse of a system that's primarily only there in the first place as a counter to the actions of big business. But let's let them ruin the crowd-funding system as well now by introducing the AAA factor into it as well.

I don't care that this is Sony, nor even that this is Shenmue. Kickstarter was not meant to be used as big business' investment tool. You simply not caring doesn't change that, though I am done speaking on the matter. People will do as they please. Doesn't matter that they are setting a precedent that could potentially hurt the service in the future. At least on part of the smaller developer. I mean, we did get Shenmue 3 out of the deal right? lol. I mean, that's obviously all that matters. And because Sony.


Keep missing the point then. I'm not going to sit and regurgitate my stance just in hopes that people finally agree with me. All the while not even wrapping their head around the real issue here.

Neo_Zeed1271d ago

It's not about big companies and little devs. It's about games getting made. Would you rather games not get made?

Neonridr1271d ago

@Neo - so are you going to be ok with EA or Ubisoft going to Kickstarter to garner interest in a game and raise 5 million bucks just so they don't have to put that money in themselves?

It's setting a precedent for a terrible business strategy.

4Sh0w1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

@Neo Zeed
But wouldn't the game "get made" if Sony paid for proper development of Shenmue3, like every other exclusive deal?

I don't understand why sony gets a free pass here, all this "gauge interest" stuff is BS, especially since Im constantly told sony isnt afraid to take risks every other time they announce an exclusive. Its not like Shenmue3 is some vague unknown property or indie game. Had Sony just done what a big corporation does when they want to bring over a 3rd party exclusive for their fans then none of these questions would be asked.

Spotie1271d ago

How the hell is this abusing any system? You act as if this is doing OTHER than what you claim it's for: a means to create something when all other avenues failed.

Why else do you think it's taken so long to even get to this point?

And stop making it seem like Sony is behind this: they're tagging along. Yu Suzuki went to kickstarter to get the game made, before Sony was ever involved. He wanted most of the game to be funded that way, so that there'd be no big publishers involved, and he'd have more control. Sony then came along and said, "Hey, if people really support this, we'll pitch in to get it on PS4. And we'll also help market it. Hell, we know Shenmue is a big talking point, so we'll give you the stage at our E3 presentation."

And now, somehow, you guys have it in your head that Sony is using this to avoid directly funding the game themselves and instead push the cost off onto gamers. Which I don't get.

gangsta_red1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )


It's amazing how Sony can do no wrong with you. SFV wouldn't have been made without Sony and now Sony is "just" tagging along for the ride with Shenmue 3.

"He wanted most of the game to be funded that way, so that there'd be no big publishers involved, and he'd have more control. Sony then came along and said,..."

Which pretty much makes the whole "more control" pointless if what you are saying is true. More assumptions and defense for Sony.

No matter how you spin this, if this was such a requested game from fans that even Sony themselves on stage said then why didn't Sony just put the money for development themselves. Why are you and other constantly making excuses saying it was to gauge consumer interest? Especially when they already know who and what type of crowd is interested in this game.

DigitalRaptor1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Not only is SlapHappyJesus making BROAD and false accusations about this whole scenario, but we also have a clueless person Gangsta_red joining the conversation to carry on his merry crusade to pick random arguments with Sony fans, but will never ever ever ever ever have anything bad to say about Xbox trolls on Sony articles. Why is that?

Let's go for this Gangsta, if you think (as a self-proclaimed non-Shenmue fan) you know what you're talking about.

Yu Suzuki has OPENLY stated that he wants to make this independently, and the Kickstarter names the independent studio YSnet at the developer. Stop asking why Sony won't fund the entire game, when we know that they're not. Luckily in this industry, people have friends. Suzuki has been wanting to make and plan a Kickstarter for Shenmue for years. Go and read his interviews, if you have the time to care enough to argue about a game you have no idea about, then you have time to inform yourself. Don't go about calling people assuming when the facts are out there, but you're too focused on calling out Sony fans on a regular basis to even notice them.

Mark Cerny is the man's good friend, who he confided in about the Kickstarter. Shuhei is also a friend of both and was made aware of the Kickstarter. As the words were uttered by Boyes at E3 "this is very much THEIR project but we wanted to announce it on OUR stage". It was PR for Sony and a favour to a friend who's only real wish in this industry is to conclude his life's work independent of publisher control - Two birds, one stone - plain and simple.

"Especially when they already know who and what type of crowd is interested in this game."

I'm crying with laughter right now. You're not a Shenmue fan, you don't understand it. You don't even bloody care. You just want to be a part of a conversation that wraps Sony in controversy whether the facts are correct or not. Yet, you think that a game that has been in limbo for 14 years was "understood" by publishers. If it was, it would have been funded by them years ago.

Ultimately, SlapHappy is claiming that a game that is made by an independent developer, and mostly funded by an independent developer and its die hard fans is a "Sony game". He's angry and blaming fans for supporting an independent project. He's angry for people backing a game simply because Sony is attached to it via E3, and has agreed to make the PS4 version possible and market it on that platform. A Kickstarter campaign is to KICK-START(!) a project into development and secure its future. $2 million does that and allows them to begin developing the game on PC. Without $2 million, there would not even be a game, let alone Sony supporting a PS4 version in various ways. Sony is not even providing the funds for the PS4 version yet because it's not even in full development yet. It's not even being marketed yet because it's not on the market yet. You talk about "assumptions" - why aren't you questioning SlapHappy for his reactionary misinformation?

And FYI, I'm extremely disappointed that Sony wasn't transparent about the situation on the E3 stage, knowing what we know now. It only served to cause more confusion when that idiot Ben Kuchera reported falsely on it and then, the damage is done. Then we have people feasting on a buffet of inaccuracies and s---ing out their own fallacies based on the misinformation, either to stir the pot, or because they don't know any better.

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Thatguy-3101271d ago

What I dont get is if the people that actually donated don't mind about the kickstarter then why are people who aren't putting money forward complaining about it? All this negative hate that has come out against the title is clearly because it's only coming to PC/PS4.

showtimefolks1271d ago

As long as we get shenmue 3 I could careless which other consoles ut will release on. But I they don't have a large enough team. I hope we get shenmue 3

Fin_The_Human1271d ago

People like you are the reason why we have DLC and timed exclusives.

What if other companied like EA, UniSoft and Square follow Sony and start using kick starter as a means to gauge if they should invest in game or not...kickstarter purpose was to help small developers reach there goal.

Sony is a billion dollar company why don't they just pay to make the game?

joeorc1271d ago

Those saying its only made for developer's to reach a goal, is missing the point of kickstarter!

Again , no.. Its not just for indies, or small companies and their ideas..its for everyone!

You and others I really do think are; missing the whole point of kickstarter.

Kickstarter is not about how much money you have or do not have, or how cash rich your company is or may not be. Read through kickstarter's hello page.

Fin_The_Human1271d ago

Joe what was the point of your comment?

Please explain why Sony cannot fully fund this game just like how they funded SFV.

Ultraplayerxp1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

People buy SFV.

Shenmue is a proven financial liability (source: history)

Businesses don't usually last when it loses money.

iceman061271d ago

@Fin...the answer is very simple...because Yu Suzuki wanted to go the kickstarter route and Sony was happy to be one of the many partners. Not too difficult to understand. Just like Sony didn't fully fund No Man's Sky or any of the other 3rd party indies that they partnered with.

JeffGUNZ1271d ago

I agree man. I think it's asinine for anyone to do this.

"Hey, why don't you give me some money to fund this game. Then, when it's all done you go and pay me another $60 for it"

Are we not funding these companies when we buy games?

showtimefolks1271d ago


What did I say that was supporting Sony or any other company. I said I hope we get shenmue 3 and I don't care if it comes to other consoles. I am not one of those gamers who get some extra pleasure because a game is exclusive

Also I hope we get shenmue 1 and 2 in hd collection or hd remaster

And just for you:

As much as I love shenmue it's one of the biggest flops in gaming so even if Sony is a billion dollar company, that doesn't mean they should just throw that money away

Sony will still help more than any of us, they gave this game major e3 conference time. So they are supporting it, now this is the time for us to put our money where our mouth is

I am not against the idea of companies trying to see what sort of interest their game will get. By that I mean old IP's that the publishers are considering doing a reboot

Spotie1271d ago

@JeffGunz: It's... you... I'm trying really hard not to call you names, but you're just making that SO difficult right now.

You DO realize that $29 gets you the full game, right? You understand that's how many, MANY kickstarter games work, don't you?

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starrman19851271d ago

I would love Microsoft to help too, having both Sony and MS onboard would ensure a fantastic Shenmue!

Indigon1271d ago

Why not. It doesn't have to remain an exclusive as far as I'm concerned. If it will get the kickstarter running again I say let's go for it. It will also give Xbox gamers a slice of Shenmue goodness.

bumnut1271d ago

Shenmue 2 was on Xbox, would be disappointing if 3 doesn't make it

Fin_The_Human1271d ago

Do you really think Sony is going to put money into this game and not get some kind of incentive like Time Exclusive.

starrman19851271d ago

Exactly, It's quite clear there is a huge want for this game as proven by the incredible amount of money raised via the kickstarter. If both Sony and MS contributed to the funding and got the game multi-platform it would be a huge win for gamers. There are still passionate Shenmue fans with Xbox One consoles!

My concern currently is if Sony only fund marketing and advertising then they wont have enough money to make it what it deserves to be. As much as I want to see the story continue, I have very very fond memories of Shenmue so would hate for an underfunded version to come out just to continue the story. I would rather keep the memory of what it was!

2cents1271d ago

I agree.

Considering Shenmue was a Dreamcast game, then an Xbox game then everyone's game. It only makes sense that all gamers get to play it if they want to.

Going down the kick-starter route is only a good idea if it is indeed multiplatform. If it is a 'Sony Thing' then I find it insulting that they want our money to fund its development.

Bring it to all and the funds will come.