Hands On With Starfox Zero: Great Game, Lousy Controls | Controller Crusade

Justin from Controller Crusade writes:
"To say that I was excited to play Starfox Zero would be an understatement. One of my most cherised franchises (and one of Nintendo's best) is returning after a long absence and looks like it plays better than ever. How could I not be excited? I got to try out all 3 stages of the demo: The training stage, Sector 3, and Corneria. Let's start with the first one."

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Sly-Lupin1271d ago

Nintendo really needs to stop using gyros for aiming.

Hopefully StarFox will have different control schemes. It would really suck if we were forced to play the game staring at the low-resolution gamepad screen the whole time.

gameboy11270d ago

Every other preview says controls are good even as far as it's the only game that needs both screens and you say the controls are rubbish yeah right...

sirultimos1270d ago

Really? I've yet to see a single preview that didn't complain about the controls.