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Scalebound’s Hideki Kamiya & J.P. Kellams Explain Meaning of Name, Differences with Bayonetta & More

95d ago - Today Scalebound Creative Director Hideki Kamiya was on Crackdown‘s Extra Life livestream alongsi... | Xbox One

Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba Talk About Xbox One's Scalebound

509d ago - Hideki Kamiya, Atsushi Inaba and Jean Pierre Kellams talk about all things scalebound, even if th... | Xbox One

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Scalebound Developer Teases Multiplayer

510d ago - Scalebound producer Atsushi Inaba teased that Platinum Games’ Xbox One-exclusive action-adventure... | Xbox One

Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound’s Dragons Explained; Platinum Discusses Relationship with Microsoft

510d ago - One of the most mysterious games currently in development is Platinum Games’ Xbox One Exclusive S... | Xbox One

Wonderful 101 creators discuss heroism and the anxiety of launching a new franchise

902d ago - The Wonderful 101 is out in a couple days in Europe and Japan (next month in the US), and already... | Wii U

Metal Gear Rising American World Tour Photos

1081d ago - While Kojima and Shinkawa headed for Europe for the Metal Gear Rising promotional tour, the game'... | Xbox 360

Feminine Touch: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Producer Atsushi Inaba

1084d ago - Catrina Dennis gets the backstory on how Atsushi Inaba was approached by Kojima for the developme... | Xbox 360

Full Metal Gear Rising Will Probably Feel Different To The Demos

1103d ago - Toshi Nakamura: ''Metal Gear Rising Revengeance will be hitting stores in less than three weeks,... | Xbox 360

Atsushi Inaba on Platinum Games: “You run the company like you’re in danger of starving”

1230d ago - EDGE - Development studios need to stay lean to survive and not succumb to bloat, argues Atsushi... | Culture

Metro Metal Gear Rising preview and interview - Platinum medal

1338d ago - Metro: GameCentral explains why Metal Gear Rising was its favourite playable demo at E3, as it... | Xbox 360

P100 - E3 2012: Debut Walkthrough

1344d ago - The PlatinumGames team shows off their new Wii U exclusive title for the first time ever on the G... | Wii U

Why was Metal Gear Solid: Rising replaced by Revengeance? We get answers from the developers

1519d ago - GamesRadar - With the new trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising revealing that the game is now cal... | Xbox 360

Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba Twitter Teasing Something

1723d ago - Andriasang: This latest Tweet from Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba redefines "Mysterious Tweet." | Industry

VideoGamer: Anarchy Reign's Atsushi Inaba Interview

1805d ago - If there’s one thing that Platinum Games knows, it’s how to cause chaos. From Bayonetta to Madwor... | Xbox 360

Edge Interview: Atsushi Inaba

1806d ago - Edge: We hand over 2010's Edge Award for Best Developer to the Platinum Games head before discuss... | Xbox 360

Anarchy Reigns: Platinum Games' Atsushi Inaba

1808d ago - SPOnG: "If there’s one thing that Platinum Games knows, it’s how to cause chaos. From Bayonetta t... | Xbox 360

Atsushi Inaba: Online Will Feature In All Our Games

1815d ago - NowGamer speak to Devil May Cry and Anarchy Reigns creator about online features of Platinum Game... | PC

Anarchy Reigns: Platinum Games Inaba Interview - NowGamer

1815d ago - "We chat with Anarchy Reigns producer Atsushi Inaba about Platinum Games' over the top brawler." | Xbox 360

Develop Interview: Atsushi Inaba

1937d ago - Platinum Games’ executive producer on the Sega deal, Vanquish, and sticking with new IP. Back... | Industry
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