EA CEO Interview Hints at Dead Space for Wii

Ripten's Shaun Hinklein writes:

"After an extensive interview with John Riccitiello, CEO of Electronic Arts, and Venture Beat, the stock market tycoon gave multiple hints at EA's approach for the Nintendo Wii."

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Cutter203504d ago

This game looks pretty tight.

Nostradavis3504d ago

For the next gen consoles yes, but we have no idea what it would like on the Wii....

Sandwich Bender3504d ago

As long as it's not a tacked on port, bring it.

Nostradavis3504d ago

I am pretty sure they would have to make it from scratch.

TheIneffableBob3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Dead Space on the Wii would actually be a rather nice fit. It looks like Dead Space's shooting is going to play similarly to Resident Evil 4, and RE4 worked quite well using the Wii's control scheme.

NinjaRyu3504d ago

Oh God not another Wii port! I"M REALLY SICK OF WII PORTS!

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