PS4 Exclusive The Last Guardian Gets New Official Website, Screenshot and Key Art

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia opened a new official website for The Last Guardian. It can be found here.

On top of that, the site included one new screenshot, which uou can see above, and hidden in the code there was the lovely key art, in wallpaper-worthy resolution.

You can check it out below. Incidentally, the site confirms a release date in 2016.

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ShugaCane1247d ago

This website is an infinite flow of inspiration.

Bennibop1247d ago

It does look fantastic!

Kratos02891247d ago

I'm still coming to gripes that I'm going to have a copy in my hands

Hellsvacancy1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Yeah i've watched the trailer a few times, the only thing that's missing that's stoping me from crying is the music from the original trailer

brando0081247d ago

My God I'm so full of joy and happiness. My heart, mind, and soul are at peace haha :)