Gamespot: Baseball Mogul 2009 Review

It seems to be the year for incremental improvements in baseball management simulations. Just like its main rival, Out of the Park Baseball 9, Baseball Mogul 2009 enters a new season looking a lot like it did last season. After adding a tremendous number of new features and enhancements during the past two years, the current edition of the text-based sports sim is more of a taking-stock upgrade. It focuses on minor revisions to the presentation and artificial intelligence. The result is a good game with subtle improvements that make a better big-league management experience, but one that isn't essential if you already own its predecessor.

The Good:
* New Major League rosters for 2008
* Franchise scenario options with new Expansion mode
* Subtle improvements to visuals and artificial intelligence.

The Bad:
* Very similar to last year's game
* A few quirks with stat results
* Some bugs with data display.

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