This Is How the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch Look Together

"In advance of E3, Oculus has revealed the final design for its Rift virtual-reality headset, as well as unveiled the Oculus Touch, its new input device for the Rift."

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starchild986d ago

Looks great. I've been waiting for this first consumer model ever since using the DK1 version.

Insomnia_84986d ago

That thing is not very good looking I must say.

someOnecalled986d ago

funny how its barely news about their conference except the MS bashing. the controller looks interesting, i got a feelings Morpheus and move is going to be better because its sony.

Tiqila986d ago

at least because its not facebook.

level 360986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Think if it passes the criteria of being light and user-friendly ( namely fitment/adjustment of varying head sizes ) along with fantastic VR experience, aesthetics will be questioned less and may not even matter to others.

Will eventually improve with future iterations.