Strange reflection bug found in Witcher 3

One of the reddit users found a strange reflection glitch at Witcher 3. The reflective part of top of the sword is not reflecting the enviroment truly.

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TLG19911285d ago

Can't believe i just clicked on that sh*t.

Lamboomington1284d ago

This is really stupid.

That glitch is basically Geralt's sword hilt not reflecting in realtime. Instead it has a cubemap of the outside environment. He even goes on to say this and explain it.

Don't understand what the news is here lol. Every game does this.

joab7771284d ago

It's huge man. This is huge. I can't belive that this is even happening. I'm done. I'm done now. I've had enough of all these failed promises. I'm going to play Sonic Rings.

JK! This article is absurd.

christian hour1284d ago

I suppose its a glitch that what isnt being rendered on screen isn't reflected in the water either?

Some people just don't understand how videogames are made or rendered I guess. So dumb, though I do find it annoying when my sail on my boat blocks out a mountain and theres just this big empty square void reflected in the water, of course that is down to hardware limitations and how they decided to do raytracing etc.

I believe epics new open world engine allows reflecting of objects not being rendered on screen using very simple algorythms (be that reflections in water or how light bounces off an object), cannot wait for that to become the norm on consoles :) if it ever does this gen. (fingers crossed)

As for the cubemap on the sword hilt. Go home. Show me any current gen game that doesnt use cubemaps, especially in areas that you wouldnt really notice or not. Certain cubemaps are a bit more unforgiveable in this day and age, like having cubemaps for window/mirror reflections (looking at you second son, there is NOT an owl cafe behind me!!)

HOw did this crap get approved?

FPSFox1284d ago

How did this get approved?... ALL games do this. Scopes on guns have done this for years, just not as obvious because they aren't metallic...