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So will Nintendo’s ink-filled shooter satisfy the unquenchable thirst of angry former Nintendo fans and hardcore fanatics? It just might. The game hits a similar level of perfection as some of the company’s other first-party developed titles, such as Super Mario 3D World. But underneath the colourful paint of Splatoon’s charms, the game is also rife with significant issues, some that might be game-ruining for shooter fans.

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pat_11_5927d ago

I knew there was something special about this game and I'm glad I was right.

tastas21927d ago

This game looks horrible. No voice chat? No thanks.

Coachkeys927d ago

Too bad. I've had a blast playing this game.

Summons75926d ago

Your loss. It was amazing getting to play a game online without a little brat blowing out my ear drums with curse words he doesn't know the definition too. Also how many 3rd party chats are there? Choose one and stop crying.

FriedGoat926d ago

Does Wii U have a party chat system?
It's no real loss if you can atleast talk to your friends through the OS.

JLynn943926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

Having played this game now, it really doesn't need voice chat at all. Would it be nice to have the option? Definitely. But, the game pad shows you everything that's going on, and there are built in communication prompts. Between both, the lack of voice chat doesn't kill this game and really isn't that big of a deal imo

jholden3249926d ago (Edited 926d ago )

What a horrible reason to skip one of the funnest games I've played in the last 10 years

It's almost as if people dissect Nintendo's games to find any flaws they can and use that as an excuse to dismiss it. The game doesn't have to be perfect to provide some of the best fun you've ever experienced.

3-4-5926d ago

Voice chat is like .0001% of any game it's in.

Stop making a big deal of nothing.

People like you are the worst tastas21

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mydyingparadiselost926d ago

This game is crazy addictive and tons of fun, I've had nothing but good times so far. This game is only going to get better with time as the update start coming in. Buy it, play it, you're a kid now, you're a squid now...

Broomfondle926d ago

Not having some idiot play his selection of purile pop in the background of a game is refreshing. I know COD has a mute button but it is still annoying. That and some 10 year old talking about various sexual functions. Splatoon has been a blast and I've had it less than a day. Highly addictive. Very rewarding. Hating it before playing it just because of a lack of voice chat is your loss. Unless of course you are one of those idiots who play their horrible pop songs in the background of my COD games.

Munnkyman926d ago

I hope with the agift update which will include friends that stay as teams, that they will offer a friend chat. But even without it I have had a fun time playing which at the end of the day it's what gaming is all about