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-Foxtrot1215d ago

Excited to see this. I gave the first game the benefit of the doubt for being the first one but if they continue on the path of trying to make it into something it's not instead of an actual Tomb Raider game...not Uncharted on steriods, then I'll be a little disappointed.

I want them to capture the old Tomb Raider games where it was about tombs, platforming and exploring.....shooting stuff came second

dancerOfDeath1213d ago

Really, fox? Is that REALLY what you want to see?

Benoski1215d ago

Even though this is an Xbox exclusive (for now.), this is still a game that I'm going to be keeping an eye on. The 2013 reboot was a fantastic game that I really enjoyed on my PS3.

Maybe a release date?

ZeroX98761214d ago

Shouldn't we add the PS4 tag in the news since it's a timed exclusive?

Azzanation1214d ago

Being Timed doesn't mean its coming to PS4. It just means they have the freedom to release it on other platforms if they choose to. They might decide not to bother since its already on 3 platforms.

In other words its not guaranteed.

WizzroSupreme1215d ago

This could be Crystal Dynamics tour de force of 2015. I'm pumped. What say you, gamers?

Rookie_Monster1215d ago

Can't wait! One of my most anticipated games this year. The last game was awesome and was a great return to the original root.

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The story is too old to be commented.