Little Devil Inside: Funded and Marching Toward Wii U Stretch Goal

Neostream announces via Kickstarter that they've reached their funding goal on upcoming RPG Little Devil Inside. With three days left in their campaign they're now striving for the Wii U stretch goal.

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deathtok1153d ago

This game looks like it has potential. It's something I might pick up one it comes out!

jholden32491153d ago

Awesome it's confirmed for Xbox One. So I'll be able to play it no matter what.

But still, come on Wii U goal!

_-EDMIX-_1152d ago

The concept behind this game looks amazing and this is really why Kickstarter is really needed!

Small team, big ideas. Hope they do well with a Wii U version as I hear programming for Wii U is a bit of a hassle and expensive due to time.