Why Ask For Female Led Games Only To Ignore them?

Pixel Gate looks at the widespread ignorance towards Toren, a game that fulfills the demand for female led games perfectly yet gets hardly any support.

''The last few years has seen a huge push for more female representation in video games. A number of video game journalists, pop culture critics (still not sure what that exactly entails) and industry figures demanded to see well rounded female characters leading video games. It’s a admirable stance, but the issue of practicing what you preach quickly reared it’s head.''

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mrbojingles1183d ago

Why ignore Toren? Because its a bad game. I've beaten it. It was a boring struggle. Some small moments shine but its a run of the mill, poor clone of Ico. Sure, Moonchild is cool but just because people want more good female leads doesn't mean they don't want them to be crappy games that have terrible screen tearing, N64 textures and inconsistent frame rates with boring gameplay. FILL THIS SHAPE WITH SALT TO CONTINUE!

PixelGateUk1183d ago

So only cover good games then aye? No one said it had to be a positive review. I think the Avatar is utter garbage, but I can praise the visual effects no? I dislike Beyond Two Souls, and I praised that for the direction? You don't have to be totally dedicated to love/hate...

Godmars2901183d ago

Don't praise poor or bad games because they have one sole socially positive aesthetic such as the gender of a main character.

Something like Two Souls got attention for its cast, one actress, but in the end its little more than a footnote because overall it failed to deliver as a game.

Swonic1182d ago

The game is an insult to anyone with taste.

Agheil1182d ago

This gender debate needs to end.... Leave it out of video games.... Devs should make whatever they want regardless of female/male lead....

annoyedgamer1182d ago

Have you stopped to think that the whole tall tale that gamers are begging for female protagonists is made up? It is feminists/SJWs that continue to parrot that mantra not actual gamers.

They make money from creating controversy so it is in their best interest to ignore games with female protagonists and continue screaming.

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joab7771182d ago

Exactly. You can't force political correctness. If it works for the story, and the game is great, we will love and buy it. But no one is gonna support a bad game b/c it's pc. Sorry. I'm not rich, and it doesn't work that way anyway.

mrbojingles1183d ago (Edited 1183d ago )

I had high hopes for Toren but I wish I hadn't spent money or time on it.

Activemessiah1183d ago

Remember Me didn't sell well either, really enjoyed it even though it received warm reviews.

PixelGateUk1183d ago

I quite liked it, bar some truly annoying sound effects

rainslacker1182d ago

Remember Me was a very underrated game. good story, and some clever mechanics which went underused but had great game play overall. Strong female character as well. No one brings it up as an example of female characters done well.

ShaunCameron1182d ago

Was that the game which its creator (a guy, by the way) harped on about the 4 publishers prior to Capcom declining to publish it due to its main character being female, accusing the industry of sexism?

Somebody1182d ago

That's the one. And guess what? They repeated the same tactic with their latest game, Life Is Strange. Only now it's Square Enix who didn't demanded them to change the main characters into males.

LostDjinn1182d ago (Edited 1182d ago )

Blame the gamers huh? Seems familar.

Edit: To edit stuff.

Lukejrl1182d ago

Vote with your wallets right?

DanteVFenris6661182d ago

Make the game good and the female good and than we will buy them. I don't want to play a female that's trying to be a man. That's been overdone and that's all we get

insomnium21182d ago

TLOU has the perfect package of everything. A strong female protagonist too who isn't overly strong or masculine. She is a tough kid but still a kid. Though if she was a grownup woman we would've heard all the tropes about her being captured and stuff. She doesn't need a man to rescue her but still they would've cried foul.

News flash to feminists. Men are stronger than women physically on average. If a man wants to force a woman into captivity there is a high chance he will be able to do it. It has nothing to do with being sexist or a chauvinist etc. like I'm sure you would want to say.

Holy shite how well Karen Straughan explains everything about this in her 2 part response to someone. here's part one
This might be one of the best piece of explaining things through biology and drawin conclusions from them I have ever seen. Karen is a monster of knowledge I tell you.

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