Epic Steam Sale for the Batman Arkham series; $4.99 games

Hey Batfans! Are you looking to check out the Batman Arkham series? There's a pretty epic sale going on right now over at Steam. Lasting until May 25th, get them while you can!

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crazychris41241004d ago

$20 for the series and all of its content is a great deal. (No Origins complete bundle, have to buy them separately for $5 each)

justinprince1004d ago

it really is! though origins wasn't my favorite. Though the map was larger, it never felt as epic as City did in scope or in Batman's mission. More of the same isn't bad but when missions in Origins were pretty much just palette swaps of missions in City (like the Titan container mission in City and the Black Mask drug stash missions in Origins) it really just felt like the same game.

AlokTheDemon1003d ago

batman games were $1.66 on nuuvem few days ago :P I got all