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The Blade's Will Harrison: Shovel Knight sticks out among the throngs of nostalgia-based indie games thanks to an old-school aesthetic with the sensibilities and design of a modern title. Shovel Knight looks and sounds like a game of the NES console cycle, with sharp color palettes and one of the best chiptune soundtracks ever composed.

Shovel Knight has taken the essence of old-school gaming and distilled it into something quirky, yet thoroughly enjoyable. Anyone that grew up a fan of Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, or Mega Man will feel right at home with one of the best titles in recent memory.

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lizard81288939d ago

Hey, my localish news paper...

EyePawd939d ago

localish is my favorite kind of ish.

WizzroSupreme939d ago

Shovel Knight is easily my fav indie game last year, maybe my fav 2014 game period. Terrific game.

EyePawd939d ago

I agree completely. The next closest competition for me would be the updates to Don't Starve and Invisible Inc.

Everyone should play Shovel Knight. I demand that it be mandatory!