PlayStation 4 Camera and more first-party PS4 accessories discounted

An updated list of discounted first-party PS4 accessories include PlayStation 4 Camera (25% off to $44.96), PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset (23% off to $76.61) and more.

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Vasto1073d ago

What ever happened to the PlayStation Camera and Playroom?

WizzroSupreme1073d ago

I know, those just disappeared on us, didn't they?

Ultr1073d ago

I looked on live for playstation and there are still quite some people streaming.
The camera is needed for morpheus though right? I think I gotta get one when they are cheap.
Maybe they pack it together...
Oh well

SpringHeeledJack1072d ago

I prefer the to use the camera mic for chat, might not be as good quality as a headset but way more convenient.

uth111072d ago

still there, gets an update from time to time-- like it got an update to allow people to design their own 'studio props' because playroom was becoming a popular 'video broadcast/podcast' type app

Azzanation1072d ago

Because like the Kinect, everyone complained. PS Camera should have been bundled with the PS4 just like Kinect. Would have made this Gen interesting. Innovating games are always fun.

WizzroSupreme1073d ago

Does anyone know if the PS4 camera supposed to be better than the Kinect for live-streaming?

OmegaShen1073d ago

Both are ok, but its better to use a PC with a really good cam.

fei-hung1072d ago

I think the ps4 camera has a higher refresh rate

olLANDSHARKlo1072d ago

Guys look it up, the PS4 is junk compared to the Kinect cam, Christ what fanboys on here. But yes a PC will trash them both.

Old_Prodigy1072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )

Sounds like you've got some demons yourself, christ buddy. Calm your tits.

olLANDSHARKlo1071d ago

Old you have 1 game for the xbone. Look me up pal. I have and enjoy both systems.

nitus101072d ago

From what I can gather the Kinect is better, however you have to consider how you are actually going to use those devices. Just having the ability to turn on/off or navigate is IMHO not a justification for purchasing the devices.

I can only go on the PS3 camera/microphone and while it did work for the games that were made for it, I found most of those games were very shallow (MHO of course). I have also tried Kinect Sport at one stage and got bored with it very quickly, likewise some PS3 games that made use of the camera.

Still if you mostly like sport and party types of games that make use of the camera/microphone of both consoles is they are probably a must buy, for me who likes Action/Adventure and/or RPG's that technology is useless.

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MilkMan1072d ago

LOL. I read this as discontinued.
and I thought to myself...WHY?!

Macdaddy711072d ago

As big as deal as everyone made over MS selling x1 with a Kinect its might been the smartest thing MS did over Sony,.. Least MS got them in the living rooms,.. Where Sony try to sell them alone with so many didn't want a Kinect why would they want to buy one for ps4, I have the Kinect x1,..I don't see the need for one with my ps4 cause I don't use the X1 cam... It's a waste for both systems..

Septic1072d ago

Well actually no. The PS cameras were sold out for ages. The overall cost of the console went down and Sony didnt get a bad rep for forcing the camera on people. Sony came up trumps here.

uth111072d ago

that was the irony- it was hard finding a PS4 near launch, but the cameras were even harder. Seems PS4 owners were bashing bundled kinnect while quietly buying up all the PS cameras.

Cuzzo631072d ago (Edited 1072d ago )


Well we did have a choice right. I thought the xb1 wouldn't work without the kinetic. I guess they had to do a update for it to work... And to be honest. I thought it was the xb1 crowd that asked for a kinectic-less xb1.

It's amazing how hard up the pc and xb1 crowd are in a ps4 comment section crying. Geez guys

Azzanation1072d ago

Well actually Sony just made everyone look dumber. MS had the right idea while Sony critisized and seized the moment and because of there good will, gamers followed like sheep and brought it anyway. Nothing was forced because no one was forced to buy an X1, I could claim Sony forced Blu-Ray on gamers and made us pay an incredible price with the PS3. Assessories are always better bundled not separately, unfortunately to many cried about it and things hadcto change even though it had so many positives for the console. Honestly those who hated Kinect and always online used the Submarine excuse to show there hatred while these are the same gamers who brought a PS Camera and have there console plugged in 24/7

D-riders1072d ago

Playroom is being worked on for morpheus

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