GTA 5 Angry Planes Mod

This mod is hilarious, it spawns in all types of planes that either swoop you or if they have rockets they will shoot rockets at you. Definitely one of the better mods to be released so far.

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hiredhelp1312d ago

Wish R* just make this whole Mod thing right again this stuff not harming the game not cheating money or RP.
It help boost sales bring more enjoyment to the slready most enjoyable GTA to date.

GameSpawn1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

They just need to separate the "online portion" of the executable to make both parties happy. Since the main executable of the game contains the offline and online portions of the game it is all or nothing with mods - if they allow mods for the offline portion then they have no way of stopping their use in the online portion.

If R* broke the executables into two (online/offline) then they could easily allow mods for the offline portion while being able to police or disable them for the online portion.

The online cheating problems with the mods did not take very long to become an issue once the tools were released. It only takes a few cheating dicks in an online game to ruin it for EVERYONE - they ruined the online experience for legitimate players and their actions caused R* to respond by killing mods altogether ruining it for offline players who just wanted to have fun.

If you backtrack your game version you can still use mods, but if you update it kills them.

1312d ago
N4Gguy11312d ago

One of the best mods i have seen so far for gta v I wish they would work on ps4 too^^ looks fun