Here's What Halo, Sonic, Mario and More Would Look Like in the Style of Pokemon

Ever wondered what Halo, Zelda, Mario and more would look like if they were made in the style of Pokemon? Wonder no more.

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Captain_Wormy1203d ago

Wow..must be a pretty slow news day.

Hereiamhereibe21203d ago

There is a filter at the top of the webpage to exclude articles of less importance, is this your first day on N4G?

Stsonic1203d ago

His name is Dr Robotnik

dcj05241203d ago

Only in America/EU. It was Eggman in Japan.

Relientk771203d ago

He will always be Dr Robotnik to me

Rikuson11203d ago

If sonic was a pokemon his attacks would be
Roll Out
Quick Attack
Extreme Speed
Mach Punch

Tails would have
Tail Whip
Iron Tail