Ultimate Game Sins

Resonance-Gaming goes though their personal pet peeves in video games. Includes some of the most irritating features games can contain such as unskippable cutscenes and in-game adverts and those dreaded bugs!

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Wayward3800d ago

I'd love to know your pet peeves in video games. :) - Dan from RG

ry-guy3800d ago

One of my pet peeves is this article appearing for the 3rd time in the pending queue.

I approved it the first and second time, but the third time you lost my points.


Wayward3800d ago

It's OK I understand, but every time it gets 1 or 2 pendings, nothing else. I think it's due to E3, anything that's not directly related is being skipped. Not had reports for it, but not had approvals either. It's confusing me!

ry-guy3800d ago

After our conversation I decided to redact my previous declaration.

I'll approve now :)

Jinxstar3799d ago

My biggest annoyance in games is how easy they have become. I welcome a game like Motorstorm or Ninja Gaiden every so often just to remember how hard gaming once was and can still be. When was the last time you saw a "Game over"? or lost your last life? I hate the lack of challenge anymore in games... I can look through my collection and look at upcoming games and see them for what they are i.e. Lego games or LBP. After seeing the new Production Interview for Prince of Persia where he basically says "You can't die from falling" Then I start to wonder why there is all the jumping anyway...

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Xi3799d ago

useless economy.
games that either give you too much money that you never have to properly balance a budgets, or give you all the items you will ever need so you don't need to bother buying stuff. Or games that don't give you enough money and force you to grind for equipment.

custom control schemes.
k, let me make my own control scheme that I think fits with how I play the game. Or at least give me some presets that let me change it, if I find it uncomfortable to reach button x but i have to use it often let me map the action to another button.

iiprotocolii3799d ago

Custom control schemes seems to be an issue with games. The reason why I love PC gaming so much is because it allows a user to manually assign each button on the controller.

poeo3799d ago

i dunno about you guys but.. i absolutely HATE when there is no separate animation for walking up or down stairs! you know what i mean, playing assassin's creed and marveling at all the amazingly detailed animations, and then you decide to just walk up/down some stairs and WTF, immersion ruined, the character just walks exactly the same as on flat ground. g-o-d-d-a-m-n-i-t. at least gtaiv did that right :)

pandaboy993799d ago

I love uncharted animations especially when he walks up and downstairs

Polluted3799d ago

Unskippable cut-scenes is a bad one. I get that they want you to see them, but on your second play through a game like Assassin's Creed is it really necessary? NO!

I find save systems in modern games to be really poor. PC gamers have been able to save a game whenever they want for years. Now home consoles have enough built in memory to do the same. Why are we still using checkpoints? Stupid.

poeo3799d ago

being able to save anywhere at anytime makes the game lose all challenge..

Gorgon3799d ago

"I find save systems in modern games to be really poor. PC gamers have been able to save a game whenever they want for years. Now home consoles have enough built in memory to do the same. Why are we still using checkpoints? Stupid."

I have to totally agree with this. Check points are some of the most retarded things ever. It makes games feel like they came strait from the 80s. Maybe console gamers like it, I hate it. It makes me want to throw some of my PS3 games out of the window sometimes. It´s a stupid feature. Be done with it.

Polluted3799d ago

I don't know poeo. I haven't played any PC games in a while, but I do remember being legitimately challenged by Half-Life in a few spots. The same could be said for Quake 1 and 2, Duke Nukem 3d, Max Payne. Pretty much all the old PC games I used to play and I'm fairly certain they all allowed you to save whenever you wanted.
Besides if the only thing that's making a game challenging is long check points, then the devs haven't really done their job.

snakebite363799d ago

bad lip sync with annoying, bad hand gestures

Wayward3799d ago

I tend not to worry to much about it. Graphics in games get a lot worse than that, that said I can see why it would irritate some.

Danny_N3799d ago

Heh, always reminds me of GTA. They've still not managed to get it right.

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