SkyUI is Going Under a Paywall

Noobfeed Writes: "SkyUI is the first of likely many essential mods that have put themselves behind a paywall, and only time will tell which mods will follow the same path."

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Hazmat131152d ago

good for them, all the hard work they put into the mod, they should get some money out of it. (grabs popcorn)

morganfell1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

People think this will be a good thing eventually but it will not. People act as if the mods will also drastically improve but they won't. It will cause a lot more mods to be thrown at a game and most will be equally worthless. Wading through all the trash to find the diamond will be even more problematic. Mods for money rather than love of the game. Devs that are already lazy and complacent leaving more work to mod makers. Yes that has success written all over it.

I would like to see The Witcher devs step forward and block monetization of mods.

HammadTheBeast1152d ago

Well they're releasing their own modkit, but it's up to Steam how they work it out. Maybe they can allow mod hosting on GoG (owned by the guys who own CD Projekt Red).

Roccetarius1152d ago

Before Witcher 3 i'm positive they would block monetization of mods, but currently i'm not sure. The only way to know is to see what happens when the game releases.

morganfell1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

CD Projekt and/or the 6 publishers can forbid the monetization regardless of the delivery platform, including Steam. Monetization of mods on any game isn't the decision of Valve and Steam (unless they own the game property) but rather the relevant IP holder.

HeavenlySnipes1152d ago

Pretty sure there are already hundreds of shitty Skyrim mods out already. That's what sorting functions are for

As much as people are upset, I also support modders who have spent countless hours making our game more fun and are now asking for a little bit of money. People are throwing stones at them as if we're all entitled to their mods.

Also, being paid for something is more incentive to make sure the mod stays good/becomes better to keep the income comings, rather than trying to fix things for free and having angry people tell you how much you suck all while they still use your mod.

morganfell1152d ago

I also support mods. That is why nexus smartly has a donation application. Then good work can be freely rewarded and monetary compensation is truly earned.

Deividas1152d ago


They are not "asking" money for mods..they are "demanding" money for their mods. Big difference. If they wanted to ask for money, go with the route of tips and donations. Demanding money for mods is pathetic and toxic to the PC gaming community, no way to spin that into a positive at all.

Revolver_X_1152d ago


SKYUI has been around for quite some time. I'm sure they have gotten their fair share of donations at this point. I have the latest version, so I guess their gonna add some petty stuff to justify an update purchase, no thx.

yellowgerbil1152d ago

first I'm not a PC gamer, but I do make content and freely distribute it online (webcomics) I am currently testing taking my work to a convention and selling it as a physical release, yet am continuing making the webcomic and keeping it free.
There is a big difference between greed (taking something once free and charging for it) and trying to make a living doing what you love (making something a bit more professional and offering it to those interested, while not shutting out the many that love your stuff)
Again as said this isn't a exactly similar situation, but I think it is a bit low to take something away and force people to pay to enjoy what was once free. Those modders should instead use their mods as a way to show what they can do and find some like minded people and make a game, use the mod to reach an audience and try to kickstart something, instead of being drug dealers (first times free...)

MRMagoo1231152d ago

The newest update is already on pirate sites, as a matter of fact so are all the now pay for mods, I get my mods from nexus tho , steam is a pile of junk for mods. This new idea of paying for mods on steam will die a fast death, no one will pay for them, especially considering the modders only get 25% of the money.

morganfell1151d ago

Saw this posted:

"eople who claim to "not understand" the backlash are either being cute in an attempt to make a point or are blessed with an incredibly short memory. Much of what now costs money in gaming used to be just a part of the experience. Some monetization is to be expected, but if you can look at the state of DLC, paying for the privilege of playing your games online and companies creating more and more vectors for DLC injection and be happy with the situation, I don't know what to say.

PC and mods have gone hand in hand since day 1. Mods have fixed broken games that have become known as the best the platform has to offer, from Arcanum to Baldur's Gate II to Oblivion. Bethesda allowing this for their games is particularly abhorrent, as much of the enjoyment out of every single one of their games has come from the long shelf life provided by modders.

Modders like Oscura have made careers out of their abilities and naturally formed fanbases. OOO saved Oblivion and Bethesda hired him. Very often, modders like him would create things that would be much better than anything the base team could come up with.

Just as often, though, they would create something that would break your game and you'd have to either uninstall or fix it. But hey, they were free, so no worries. Now, unlike say, DLC on XBL, there is no quality control and a price tag. Valve cannot reasonably test every mod that goes up for sale. But they can still make money off allowing the sales of broken mods through their service.

If you're still "confused" as to what the big deal is, Valve has essentially set up an easily abused system of monetization, with no possibility of oversight, no possible repercussions for people selling broken mods and no actual benefit to the end user. Combine that with their legendarily bad customer service, the immediate censorship that took place following the decision and the fact that this flies in the face of the very heart and soul of PC gaming as it has always stood, and maybe some of the "confusion" will start to fade."

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TrollsBringer1151d ago

You know what's gonna happen in the future? Someone will release a torrent full of all the paid mods.

OmegaShen1152d ago

Its no mods anymore, its called dlc. Can't cry about paying for dlc if you are willing to pay for mods.

Dasteru1152d ago

Well congrats Valve. You have just effectively destroyed the modding community.

Fireseed1152d ago

How would you feel if you went to work tomorrow and were told "we're not paying you anymore, you should just love to do this"

Yi-Long1152d ago

Nobody is/was forcing modders to create stuff. It was about the love and joy of creating and sharing cool content and improving everyone's experience, as a community.

Now it will just be about greed.

Also, your comparison makes no sense. People work to make a living, so when they stop getting paid, they'll find another job.

Fireseed1152d ago


No one forces musicians to make music, and yet when they do it would benefit them to be paid to continue to do so.

And to some modders that's the only thing they're good at. So why not make a living in it?

fallacious1152d ago

Great logic there. Now instead of game devs actually finishing games, like bethesda and their "completed" games. now they can just release even more half-assed games and have us pay for mods to make it "better".

Fireseed1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )


Yes, that is exactly what's going to happen. Games are only going to get rough geometric shapes as characters and will now cost 400$ a day to play. Gaming is ruined, the past time you know and love is dying. All because an artist wanted to get paid for their work.

fallacious1152d ago

If these artists wanted to get paid, they wouldn't be making mods and distributing them for free in the first place. No one asked for mods to be paid for, probably not even the modders expected this.

Fireseed1152d ago


Actually, yes a good amount of modders have wanted this for a while. Most modders modders would like to spring into a full on career but this industry is VERY hard to crack into.

DragonKnight1152d ago

@Fireseed: OMG, you ARE that thick. No one was making a living off of mods. This was never anyone's job. Until now you couldn't sell mods, so your examples are not even close to being the same thing. Mods were always a gesture of good will from devs to the gaming community, modders took advantage of that good will gesture and made the most out of it out of passion. There was never an expectation of making a living off it. Geez.

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edqe1152d ago

No, it is up to mod makers. Valve is not forcing mod makers to sell their mods.

TrollsBringer1151d ago

RIP best part of PC gaming.

kma2k1152d ago

so should i download it now & fuck the paywall in the future? Or i just wont be able to get updates & why bother at this point?

Revolver_X_1152d ago

Its just a UI. I don't see what they could add that would be a MUST HAVE over the version on Nexus. Kinda stupid if you ask me.

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