The Force Is Wrong With This One: My Lack Of Faith In Battlefront Is Disturbing, But Justified

One Short Pause member isn't sold on EA & Dice's claims to deliver a true Star Wars experience, and here are his reasons why.

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pompombrum1032d ago

I find it ironic that the main reason behind the lack of interest by the article writer in Battlefront is due to the potential lack of content and it not offering value for money but then he goes on to praise Bungie for getting it right with Destiny. Each to their own I guess but for me, Destiny is the best example I can think of for lack of content.

yarbie10001032d ago

That and he spends most of the article talking about BF4. This isn't BF4.

And Destiny was the biggest money grab I've seen this gen. No story whatsoever unless you plan on buying all their DLC.

Hating is cool. We've had one reveal trailer and everyones an expert already.

OmegaShen1032d ago

No story? Guess you didn't play Destiny then, because it had a story (not the best, but still better then COD and BF storys).

My worry is because it's EA and DICE. Bad servers until what years later it works the way it should have and being able pay real money for battlepacks.

Hope it isn't a mess like BF4 was.

Sir_Simba1032d ago

To Omegashen

I watched the playthrough on youtube,
all I remeber is
"I could tell you but I wont"
"I dont have time to explain why i dont have time to explain"
"the traveller" wtf is he, an oversize golf ball? Is there Someoene inside? wthy is anything the way it is?
All mission were go shoot, scan, nothing more,

yarbie10001032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

I DID play Destiny. That's how I know there wasn't a story. I didn't buy any DLC to actually hear the story if thats what you meant.

Hardline just recently launched. Zero server issues and I played on PC & Consoles

OmegaShen1032d ago

Zero? You must miss it when n4g was talking about it, hardlines is a waste of money to play cops and robbers. Its BF4 with cops and robbers.

Rainbow Six doing cops and robbers the way hardlines should have done.

Theres more to the story then the one liners, plus its the same thing that every other fps is. You go and kill things. Just it is more open world about.

DivoJones1032d ago

Omegashen - He's right when he calls you out on Destiny's lack of story. Here's a rundown of the entire destiny story.. we're on earth, there's the fallen, they came from the moon! Go to the moon! Shoot, there's a message coming from Venus.. and what are these vex machines? Who cares, to Venus! Meet the stranger.. she doesn't have time to explain literally anything. Go to the reef, meet the queen and her lustful brother. Go to mars, fight the Cabal because.. they're there. Shoot the vex are here too, they're coming from the black garden. Kill the boss, the end.

MysticStrummer1031d ago

@DivoJones - What you described is a more complex story than many games have.

@yarbie - I don't think you know what a money grab is, and yes of course Destiny has a story even without buying any DLC.

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theFAYEsorceress1032d ago

just to be fair here, most people who complain about destiny's lack of content have prolly played for 50+ hours. now, you can SAY you only played 1-20 hours, but the vast majority of people who were disappointed played the hell out of it and simply got everything they wanted.

the hate campaign towards destiny is just a cry from entitled "hardcore gamers" and it's pathetic, tbh. getting even 30+ hours out of any game is worth the price these days. if you didn't like it for the gameplay then that's another thing. but playing a game for 40+ hours before supposedly realizing that it has a "lack of content" is just ridiculous. i mean, you obviously liked it enough to WANT to keep playing it after all those hours and WANTING more content.

Vyprstryke1032d ago

As I stated in the article, I have 110 hours logged into Destiny. Had I played that game alone, I'd agree with you 150% and wouldn't even have a quarter of that time put into it. Destiny's lackluster story was a huge turn off to me since I'm someone who loves experiencing single player stories. That being said, having friends who still run the raids, weekly's, daily's continues to bring me back to it. I still have fun just kicking back and trying to get through a nightfall with my friends. But it's hard to look at that 110 hours and say I didn't get my moneys worth despite the absolutely underwhelming amount of content.

I look at Battlefront as a package similar to Titanfall and know I'm maybe getting 5-15 hours depending if the game is capable of drawing me in. Obviously, we'll wait and see as it's possible that something comes up that at the very least has me say "hmm that's kinda cool" but I'm remaining cautious. Like someone below said, it's very possible I go into this game thinking this way and it absolutely blows my mind =)

3-4-51031d ago

* This "Article" has AGENDA written all over it.

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Avernus1032d ago

Everyone has an opinion as to why they're skeptical. You can't really knock someone's skepticism these days when it involves the gaming industry, if you think he / she is right or not.

We're dealing with DICE / EA for this game. Of course people are going to approach this game with caution, they should imo. Blindly following hype gets people burned. Wait and see gameplay, and make your own decision, stop following hype trains.

jmc88881032d ago (Edited 1032d ago )

Sure you can.

Because skepticism has to be based on something real.

What this guy did was stop playing while the game was buggy at BF4 launch....

He could play it for 10-20 hours before writing this idiotic article, but is too lazy.

He says he has Hardline, but is again too lazy to play it.

Then he just makes crap up. BF4 had on-rails vehicles too, and they worked just fine. Anyone remember the plane where you could parachute out of? Or had a couple of guns/cannons? Same thing. Just now on the ground. Worked just fine for Battlefield, but because he didn't play the game, he just talks about 'on-rails' like it's some pure on-rail game. It's insane and wrong.

So yes, you can knock it, because what he did was completely unprofessional.

Complete FUD. This article is pure trash.

Vyprstryke1032d ago

The skepticism IS based off of something. You can't be skeptical of a developer or a publisher without a track record. In this case, EA and DICE have a one and it's not pleasant in my past experiences.

Allow me to give you some insight about me. I work 2 jobs so 10-20 hours to sink into a game needs to be something that earns it. Yea, I abandoned trying to play Battlefield 4 at launch because it was broken. Worst part there and the key reason I haven't tried to go back is because the friends I play BF with did the same exact thing. When you don't have endless hours to game, you don't waste the time that you do have trying to play something that just doesn't work. I honestly wish I could agree that I was being lazy by not playing Hardline. I loved what I played of the beta and that alone swayed my decision to even pick it up. So as far as I know, Hardline is awesome and I definitely want to pop on and check it out but at the same time I want to finish Bloodborne, Bastion, Ori and Mortal Kombat X.

I gather that you're an EA/Battlefield fan and that's totally fine but you should probably accept that they aren't the gods that you're treating them as. Battlefront shouldn't have on-rails anything. It's a Stars Wars fantasy simulator. The Star Wars battles in my mind don't have AT-AT's that only traverse on a predetermined path. You complain that I draw my skepticism from BF4 yet you're trying to use BF4 to defend your opinion? That's exactly my problem. It shouldn't be anything like Battlefield.

Manubiggs1032d ago

Right it is skeptical to be young padawan

Neixus1032d ago

Why did they leave out all the features we want the most? I thought they want money, because that's one easy way to make Battlefront fans buy it.

Blues Cowboy1032d ago

I think it's healthy to be sceptical and be proven wrong. Better to be pleasantly surprised rather than horribly disappointed.

jmc88881032d ago

Yes, it's healthy to be skeptical, but his whole article was about how he didn't play after BF4 launch, and he guessed and made crap up.

That isn't being skeptical, that's being wrong.

uth111032d ago

There's a difference between skepticism and cynicism. Too many people fall in the later camp.

Blues Cowboy1032d ago

Oh for sure, I agree 100%. This hobby is about joy and wondrous things, there's no place for unwarranted cynicism either.

It's just that, in this case, EA have past form. This time I think they need to earn our trust rather than just expect it.

MysticStrummer1031d ago

"It's just that, in this case, EA have past form."

EA and DICE both, but I've learned not to hype things up too much for myself. It nearly always leads to disappointment. I call it the Prometheus Effect, in honor of the Ridley Scott movie that let me down in a huge way.

Blues Cowboy1030d ago

@MysticStrummer: Ah I think you might have misunderstood. I mean that they have past form in overhyping and underdelivering, and this time they don't deserve our unconditional faith. They have to earn it - and if it's good, I'll buy it. No preorder.

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