Modders Find Red Dead Redemption, Agent Files In GTA 5

One Angry Gamer "Rockstar encrypting the files in GTA V for PC is possibly starting to make sense. The company has been extremely secretive about the PC release of the title and very secure with what access PC gamers have to the files... that is, until the RAGE Team got a hold of GTA V and cracked it open like a farmer splitting a walnut during a hazy summer night on a rickety old porch. What the modders found inside seems to hint at why Rockstar has the PC files on lockdown."

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Lord_Sloth1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Marston's head being in the files by itself doesn't mean anything since he's a Grandparent selection for GTA Online for your character to look like.

WilliamUsher1219d ago

He is a heritage selection, but aren't those just photos of the characters?

Having a fully rendered, full-scale, 3D head complete with textures, mouth geometry/textures and hair files seems a little excessive. Then again it's Rockstar.

xPhearR3dx1218d ago

No because they have the sliders so you can choose who to look like more. And if you slide it all the way over to (for example) John Marston, you'll have what's pretty close to the geometry of his head.

Plus, if you look at that picture, it shows Claude and Misty. It's fairly obvious that folder contains special characters for the heritage selection.

WilliamUsher1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )


Yes, but that's the thing. The file in the folder is a static mesh. In other words, it's not like the one in the game where you can modify your character with different hair or facial features.

As the texture and geometry data shows, it's basically a 1:1 rip from Red Dead.

Files that can be modified usually have multiple texture states: one for bald, one for with basic textured hair, one with a beard, etc.

As the files showcase in the structure, that John Marsten head doesn't have custom or modifiable traits (the files aren't there), which means he's either playable but not modifiable or just an NPC.

EDIT: Also, just to clarify. When you edit main characters or custom characters with modifiable or customizable traits, you can see the different texture/geometry meshes/files in the directory that allow you to make those changes, such as Niko, Michael, Franklin or Trevor's different hair styles or facial hair states. I definitely agree the folder contains heritage selection characters, but the fact some of them are fully modeled with mouth geometry and eye tracking sort of gives the impression that they're playable or usable actor props.

Concertoine1218d ago

Maybe they just ripped his model from red dead just to use it for some testing.

Yukicore1218d ago

I had played previously Red Dead on PS3, so it showed that I have unlocked him in the Director Mode (I think that it said Director mode, can't remember for sure). Maybe I will check later if anyone is interested.

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showtimefolks1218d ago

i know this may never happen but i would love to have

RDR on ps4/xbox one/pc
original Mafia remaster on xbox one and ps4
Bully remaster for next gen
and LA:Noire for ps4/xbox one

i hope atleast one of this becomes true at E3 this year or at a gaming event somewhere. We have so many now lol

mikeslemonade1218d ago

Nope.. Rather have GTA6 and GTA7. These remasters are just wasting time for these devs.

TheColbertinator1219d ago

Agent I shall never forget thee

AfroGear1218d ago

Agent will release. It may no longer be a PlayStation exclusive, but it will come out. When asked if Agent was still a PlayStation 3 title after the press conference of the PlayStation 4 reveal during a roundtable media session, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said "You are asking the wrong person. I have some knowledge, but I'm not in a position to talk about it." Also In July 2013, Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two Interactive, renewed its trademarks of the "Agent" brand.- These two recent bits of news tell me that it will definitely release considering the game was first announced in 2009 and confirmed as of 2013.

MasterCornholio1218d ago

I'm guessing that if it does come out the PS4 will probably receive some exclusive content. I believe that because Sony did help fund the game. Sort of like what happened with LA Noir.

However I believe there's a higher chance that we will see The Last Guardian at e3 than Agent.

KeeseToast1218d ago

If the Shuhei Yoshida quote is the only evidence you have that Agent is no longer a PS exclusive it is a really weak one. Shu is responsible for the First-party studios, Agent would be a second-party game so I guess another part of SCE is responsible for the deal and not the WWS.

ftrain1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

They better get their money back considering they put money into agent as an exclusive if it did go multiplatform.

showtimefolks1218d ago


if i remember correctly sony had an exclusive deal for GTA4 which they let R* out of. It was something like first on PlayStation

Than sony funded LA:noire and R* bought the game or atleast completed it

so i thought and back than there were rumors that Agent is R*'s(thank you)to sony for being such good business partners

I also remember reading that R* owes sony one exclusive so i am guessing sooner or later R* will make good on their promise

these were all rumors so i am not stating any facts.

Brotard1218d ago

It would take a lot of money now Adays to secure exclusivity from a company with the pedigree of rockstar, I doubt they would make it multiplatform now after what Sony has given(though there is a very small chance that something happened to make it multiplat).

But what is your source for this yoshida quote?

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deaddragonz1219d ago

Agent...The Myth, The Legend!

GortJester1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

PC gamers finally get Grand Theft Auto 5 after almost 2 years, spend time searching for files instead of playing the game.

Obviously I'm joking, I just always think it's funny when people find these files so quick after launch.

Codewow1218d ago

I'm glad they are. So many things I'm curious about that can be found in the files.

USMC_POLICE1218d ago

Red dead is the one and only remaster I wish they would actually do.

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