Exclusive Battlefield Hardline Interview with Designer Ben Gaciu – Multiplayer, Mods & E-Sports

COG writes - On a recent visit to Visceral Games in San Francisco we sat down with designer Ben Gaciu and questioned him on all things Hardline. From its multiplayer modes to mod support and entering the e-sports circuit we covered it all.

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WizzroSupreme1180d ago

Battlefield Hardline, even if it really does work, might just be the worst Battlefield I've played since, well, 4, unfortunately. It's single-player is bland as heck and the multiplayer is the most uninspired I've played since Ghosts. A lot of bad military shooters in the last two years, but honestly, it feels like DICE is just experiencing burnout.

Ark_1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Hardline is Visceral, not Dice.
Other than that ... you may want to give BF4 another shot. Made a lot of progress and gets still infused with more maps, gamemodes, technical and balance improvements. They regained lots of my respect for the effort they put in after that desastrous launch.

Btw: they wont get my money for Hardline. Battlefront is propably next for me.