PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Games and DLC Featuring Batman

Along with the 20% PlayStation Plus discount for Axiom Verge today, the Spring Fever 2015 promotion continues in North America, offering discounts on games and DLC featuring Batman.

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DualWielding1028d ago

will finallly be giving arkham origns a try since the price is right

DigitalHope1028d ago

Technical issues here and there (mind you I'm sure it's been patched) but in my opinion Origins had the best story of the three.

I know I know, how could I?

But as a long time Batman comic follower Origins felt like a comic, but to each his own. Definitely give it a shot.

sanosukegtr1231028d ago

Another sale that doesn't have the spark. Batman games are ok but i'll pass thank you.

pivotplease1028d ago

Yeah not expecting anything until Easter. Might be a good flash sale. Have never cared for batman personally. My backlog is probably too big to be concerning myself with sales anyway. It's actually disgusting even on one of my 3 PS systems.

Takwin1028d ago

All sales aren't for all people. I've been happy with sales on Playstation between the weekly sales, flash sales, and PS+ bonus discounts. No console will do anything like a Steam Sale, but I appreciate the variety of games on sale and have more awesome games to play that I have time to play them.


10% off Axiom Verge? Check please.