6 Reasons, Why You Should Wait for Mad Max Game

WorstnBest: Contemporary vision of reality after the nuclear war is largely based on what we could see of his time on cinema screens, a leader led the trilogy was Mad Max. Founded in the late 70s and 80s, although it was not the first work of moving this subject, but it was with Mel Gibson movies spread the idea of the Barrens and video game developers.

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RP_Singh1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

i love to play games like mad max


I have the pre ordered. Cant wait

GribbleGrunger1220d ago

Have I got the option to buy it early? I'm not understanding the headline...

orakle441220d ago

Lol, my thoughts exactly....I'm like of course I have to wait for it to come out, it's not out yet! lol

sealava1220d ago

want a madmax game ... play Fallout.

Gatsu1220d ago

But they got no Mad Max.

orakle441220d ago

Not even really close, what MAKES MadMax is the vehicles, and Fallout has none of that.