Destiny’s BAFTA Win Is An Absolute Joke

"At last night's video game BAFTAs, the Best Game of 2014 was announced. And it was Destiny.

"If you’re feeling horrified at that revelation, then rest assured – you’re not the only one."

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shodan74981d ago

So many more deserving winners...

Spinal981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

Like what game? The only other game of 2014 which was actually excellent was Hearthstone which should have won.

TLOU remastered can't be considered as it's not a 2014 new release it was a remaster of an older game. Halo MCC also remasters.

2014 was a huge disappointment for gaming. Nearly every game that had hype had fell way below expectations some worse than others.

Edit: and to add some further perspective to what I've said. If we look at all the Hyped new ips of 2014 Destiny has a lot more active players than Titanfall, Watch Dogs and Sunset Overdrive put together. So that's saying a lot.

shodan74981d ago

Shadow Of Mordor? Bayonetta 2?

PCGamingNoobs981d ago

Infamous? dragon age? sunset overdrive? dark souls II? farcry 4?

Locknuts981d ago (Edited 981d ago )

I thought Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2 were the best multiplayer and singleplayer games of 2014, respectively. Forza Horizon 2 and Shovel Knight were really good though.

Infamous, Titanfall, Destiny, Wolfenstein, and almost every other AAA game disappointed me though. Nintendo dominated last year in my house.

Spinal981d ago

I really like shadow of mordor but let's not kid ourselves the game was short and the last boss fight was ridiculously disappointing.

I think dragon age is overrated I loved dragon age origins. And I feel dragon age inquisition is just a better dragon age 2 but not a stand out game.

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ThunderPulse981d ago

Dragon Age:Inquisition was amazing.

Robearboy981d ago

And the video game industry gets more and more like Hollywood every day

DarkOcelet981d ago

This is disrespectful to every game developer out there who actually deserved to win this. Such BS.

StrayaKNT981d ago

Exactly I can't believe it to be honest I love fps games but I couldn't keep it for more a week I REALLY don't know how that game even competEd.

poppinslops981d ago

Thankfully, nobody actually cares about the BAFTAs... Hell, these days there's more prestige in a 'Razzy'.

etownone981d ago


I didn't get into Destiny, but I know plenty of people that are still very much hooked.

For a new IP that sold extremely well and is still played by thousands 6 months later... That's pretty impressive.

orakle44981d ago

Actually it's still played by millions. I personally do not play it anymore, too repetitive, but millions still do play daily.

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