Sony’s Spring Fever PSN Sale & Hotline Miami 2, good deal, or not worth it?

Christmas seems like an eternity ago, Valentine usually doesn’t go well with gaming, and summer sales are far ahead. The month of March is usually not a great "sales" period for gamers in general, and it seems PS4/PSVita owners are no exception.

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jonboi241195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I read this article and I literally SMH. Look it's cheaper than the PC version and you get 3 versions of the game with cross-buy value is will worth is it and with the additional 10% its even better. If you really don't like the deal or the price simply wait till it goes free on plus, if ever. Why go out your way to complain about a discount that Sony and Devolver didn't even have to give you.

GokuSolosAll1195d ago

If you're getting it anyway then that 10% is nice but it won't push many into buying it if they're not going to anyway.

Master-H1195d ago

Be ashamed of yourself, author. You're complaining about not getting more than 10% off for an already-low priced, awesome game with CROSS BUY, THAT JUST CAME OUT !

Self-entitled much ?

Arkardo1195d ago

Hilarious, oh game journalism...

ziggurcat1194d ago

oh god, please stop... are we going to start getting flooded with articles about how indie games aren't worth the money, now? it's on sale, it's playable on *multiple* PS devices... you don't even have to buy the game for each of those devices, either... it's a good deal, even if it was full price.