Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style Retro Review

"The game has a fun and fairly well fleshed out story. The Wu are sort of like the Ninja Turtles in here, each with a different style or weapon all lead by their Master Xin." Cmack The Don of PL Writes

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PoSTedUP1275d ago

one of my favorite fighters of all time. RZA kicking the sword into the guys head. Meth's sledge hammer finisher etc. loads of fun. O.D.B Rap In Paridise.

RG_Dubz1275d ago

Still have my copy sitting right here. ;)

PoSTedUP1274d ago

wahhtt, lucky you. mine is like the lost arc of the covenant. havent see that thing probably ever, as far as i can remember.

fei-hung1274d ago

I was surprised at how good it was and the soundtrack was amazing

PoSTedUP1274d ago

yeah it was, they were all at their prime. Meth is still doing albums with red, bout to release BO3 and reds gonna drop muddy waters2 (or already has)

fei-hung1274d ago

Huge fan of Wu-Tang. Let's hope they do a follow up game based on their new album and past albums.

I remember one of the characters had this amazing multiple hit super fast hand attack. May have been UGod but I may be wrong. Another proper Def Jam game would be good to.

iceman061274d ago

Man, I thought that I was in the minority with that. I LOVED this game!!!

PoSTedUP1274d ago

we still might be, it wasnt super popular. but amaing fighter nonetheless!

Sniperwithacause1274d ago

This game was beast! I remember having friends come over after school just to have small tournaments.

Bass_fisherman1274d ago

Fun games like this is one of the best things about the original PS era.

Moe-Gunz1274d ago

Are you ready? Are you man inside?