[MWEB GameZone Review] Evolve - Lord of the Hunt

Evolve. The word itself means development, or improvement over time. In a few ways Evolve lives up to the definition. The premise is simple: Play as a team of four canny hunters. That, or you can play as a monster with an overactive metabolism. Evolve caters to two distinct ways of play. The first is as a cohesive team, second as as a lone wolf. As far as balancing acts go, this one is risky as a tight-rope walk across two mountains. The surprise, though, is that Evolve gets to the other side most of the time. That's no mean feat, no matter how hard it falls at times.

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HanCilliers1377d ago

Excellent review, the intro is very catching. I also like how balanced the review is, gives all the pro's and cons. Nice read.

Scottyxboxoneandps41377d ago

Yes good review. Someone who actually gave it the time it deserves.