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Beginning as a furtive, desperate survival-horror experience, Dying Light gradually and gratifyingly evolves into a fast, hyper-violent celebration of vertical freedom and zombie destruction. Its main story is unspectacular, but the memorable side quests and sheer fun of exploring its world do a fantastic job of offsetting that, making Dying Light one of the most engrossing open-world games – zombie-infested or otherwise – I've played in a while

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JMaine5181414d ago

A review grade I agree with from IGN.

KnightRobby1414d ago

This game I stand by. As a singleplayer experience, it has no bugs (hardly any so far for me), it's beautiful, and everything from E3 and other trailers looks nearly the same in the game. And I absolutely love when the sun sets!

I really hope the game sells well because I am sick of these games releasing with problems. Nicely done WB Games and Techland! Nicely done indeed :)

Kryptonite42O1414d ago

Agreed. This makes the delay a little more justified. Nice to see that the game is polished and has very few if any bugs. Its a nice change from all the broken games as of late.

xwilldemise1414d ago

Not bad I'll make sure to get this game once it goes cheap

DragonbornZ1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Really good game. Parkour is a neat addition to the zombie genre, it's fluid, upgrade tree is nice, combat is pretty good, being able to aim at different body parts is awesome, game is pretty challenging and night time is a b*tch and it's DARK! It's not that "the moons a magic flashlight" type of night time it's that "i literally can't see sh*t" type of night time. It's the kind of darkness that obscures your vision and makes you question weather to go out at night especially with those quick ass zombies lurking around.
Love Cranes voice, graphics are pretty and the world is nice and open. The only things I don't like so far are how the aggressive zombies sometimes don't react when they get hit or kicked (it makes sense since they're crazy n what-not, but sometimes they obviously should get knocked off balance or get knocked back)the slow sensitivity of the guns and single outfit customization, but other than dat the games dope.

showtimefolks1414d ago

I will just wait till black Friday and get this for 20 by than who knows maybe it will have the patches to fix every issue and I will know if the DLC is worth getting or wait till goty edition

Till now only next Gen title that lived up to the hype IMO has been sunset overdrive

Here is hoping blood borNE lives up to the hype

captainexplosion1414d ago

Totally agree with u on Sunset Overdrive. Amazing game. I wish Dying Light had more of Sunset's mobility when it comes to the parkour. Solid game though. Worth the rental.

typittt691414d ago

Sunset Overdrive was amazing. I think Bloodborne will live up to the hype no doubt, From Software never dissapoint... But i think The Order will surprise everyone. At least i hope so, it has a lot of potential... Dying light is great so far quite a surprise considering how broken Dead Island was. Same concept minus the bugs and plus the parkour. Worth a try.

Meltic1414d ago

No issue anymore with the second patch if u have then upgrade CPU

ShellB1414d ago

I bought it for $30 @ g2a and it's alright but I got bored so fast. But, if you play it with your buddies you'll have a great time.

showtimefolks1412d ago

that's what i mean, from everything i have read its filled with generic fetch quests.

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Valenka1414d ago

From the way the review was going back when it was a "review in progress," I did not think the score was going to be an 8.5. Good to know IGN thought it was a great game too.

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