Michigan Taxpayers Foot ESA's Legal Bills

States have been on a major losing streak in their attempts to regulate the sale of videogames. More and more often, taxpayers are becoming losers in this game, as well. Back in August, the state of Illinois was ordered to pay over half a million dollars to cover the Entertainment Software Association's (ESA) legal fees after the state lost its battle for game regulation. Now Michigan has been ordered to do the same, to the tune of $182,349, after a law banning the sale of violent videogames to minors was found unconstitutional.

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MicroGamer4398d ago

they'll be saying it's ok to sell XXX movies to minors because it violates free speech.

x440Magnumx4398d ago

Porn has nothing to do with speech. If porn was the only way to express certain thoughts over a medium, maybe that would be different. Until then, video games will be classified just like movies...the pornographic ones will be AO.

The Snake4397d ago

It's good to hear our rights are being upheld and the organization that's standing up for us is being reimbursed. Maybe by having the state pay all the legal bills my legislators will realize they can only afford to do this once and if they fail (which they did here in Washington) they'll understand how expensive a doomed second chance will be. Then hopefully they'll focus on something important instead of unconstitutional feel good laws.

death monk4397d ago

I live in Michigan! Sweet...

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