SEGA Comments On Alien: Isolation's Versus Aliens: Colonial Marines' Sales

DSOGaming writes: "SEGA got in touch with us in order to clarify the difference between Alien: Isolation's sales and those of Aliens: Colonial Marines."

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Myst-Vearn1277d ago

Isolation was a quality game and I am glad it sold well.

strangeaeon1277d ago

You mean if we make quality games they sell better? Genius!!

Menkyo1277d ago

Yep sometimes logic doesnt comw into play in the business world.

frostypants1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

It's not entirely clear that it really did sell much better, sadly.

Did people read the article? It's about how the comparatively crappy game with all the hype *may* have actually outsold the much better Isolation.

Myst-Vearn1276d ago

Colonial Marines had lots of hype and people were tricked into buying it. To me, the fact that Isolation was able to sell 1 million copies despite the damage CM had done to the brand is testament to Isolation's qualities.

1nsomniac1277d ago

It's nice that Sega took the time to differentiate 'Sell-Through' & 'Sell-In'.

...Take note Activision & Bungie!

Zichu1277d ago

I have yet to play it due to how many games came out during the last few months of last year... I really want to get it when there aren't as many titles being released this year.

BC_Master_Haze1276d ago

I've just finished it, kind of been doing a thing where I buy at a 6-10 month delay so they're patched and I know what I'm buying. My GOTY honestly, its awesome, pick it up on sale.

-Foxtrot1277d ago

Well Colonial Marines was a crap game where Isolation was a decent game.

However with the game next there is still room for improvement.

We need a game with Ripley, set after Aliens ignoring Alien 3 and 4

mafiahajeri1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

Decent? Much better than decent...

You said nothing new with every game there's room for improvement. The same formula with a couple of innovations here and there is all they need. They don't need to change anything drastically, I want to be able to kill aliens albeit making it super hard to do so.

-Foxtrot1276d ago

Oh for the love of god look it's a decent game but nothing special

People are making out like it's over the top AMAZING when really it's just because out of all the Alien games we've had which have been crap and below average this is the BEST of the entire bunch.

The fear of the Alien is gone nearly half way through the game, the levels look roughly the same, the mission structure is repetitive. It's just a very repetitive game, something other games would be called for.

Like I said good game but I think people are over praising it because we've FINALLY got a good Alien game and compared to the shit ones in the past it looks like a diamond compared to them.

We need a game which has more variety

sorceror1711274d ago

@Foxtrot - Actually, it was special (especially for survival horror) in that the alien was unpredictable. No set routes, no 'trial and error to determine the golden path' BS. And the 'set design', the way they nailed the look of the first movie, is quite rare even in licensed properties. So that's two special things right there.

Did it excel in *every* area? No, of course not. I'm not sure any game ever did. But it's not just 'good for a movie game', or even 'good for an Alien game', it's a good game, period - and in some areas, actually a great one.

BC_Master_Haze1276d ago

Is outlast decent too? If you're not a horror guy I get it but the detail and perfectionism present in the game is anything but decent. Also the DLC for what it costs is a great deal, and adds the variety you seek, while for me the variety came from the unpredictability of the AI other than the working Joes who had preplanned paths.

Dmagic1276d ago

Dude please this is one of the best games I've ever played its not repetitive at all and every time the alien showed up it was a ohhh s### not now moment because the AI was so smart and different everytime you played never was it the same goty easy and top 5 survival horror games ever.

-Foxtrot1275d ago

Best games ok then

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